Design Concept Update: June 2015


Dear Faculty and Staff,

Villanova University has been working closely with our neighbors and Radnor Township on a transformative project to create a design concept for Lancaster Avenue. This initiative will revitalize what are now the East and West Main parking lots, turning them into an attractive living and learning environment highlighted by new residence halls and state-of-the-art academic and performance space for the arts.

Undertaking this initiative will help the University to address a demonstrated desire among students and their families for additional opportunities to live on campus. This significant transformation will allow Villanova to provide campus housing for 85% of undergraduate students, increase overall student and parent satisfaction and remain competitive with its peers. For our neighbors in surrounding communities, this development will result in fewer students residing in neighborhoods, a reduction of overall traffic to and from campus, an improvement in traffic flow along Lancaster Avenue, and the implementation of innovative and extensive measures to manage the impact of stormwater on and beyond the project site.

Radnor Township granted preliminary land development approval in May and we will continue to work collaboratively toward final approval in the coming months. While the overall project must still receive one more set of approvals, we are able to move forward with its first phase, which includes adding two decks to the St. Augustine Center (SAC) parking garage.

Construction on the SAC garage will begin in early September, and is scheduled to be completed in early February 2016. During this phase of construction, faculty and staff who park in SAC and Kennedy Hall lots will park temporarily in other locations on campus. Specific information for those who park in SAC and Kennedy Hall lots will be shared in a follow-up email from the Parking Office later this week. Regardless of parking assignment, all faculty and staff should be aware that parking in these areas will be restricted during this period. Signs will be posted and campus event coordinators will receive information to help direct visitors appropriately.

As more progress is made, there will be additional communications regarding the status of the project phases and notifications of anticipated disruptions. The work related to achieving this historic transformation of the Villanova campus will, at some point, affect all of us by disrupting normal routines. However, it is important to remember that these short-term inconveniences will result in the long-term enhancement of the campus. Once completed, Villanova will have exceptional new spaces for living and learning, and a worthy gateway to campus from Lancaster Avenue.

The Design Concept for Lancaster Avenue website provides more information on the overall project, renderings that bring to life this transformation and an anticipated timeline for completing this multi-phase initiative. Throughout the work on campus, this website will be your most up-to-date resource.  

Thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility as we work together to create the future of Villanova.



Fr. Peter Donohue, OSA