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Violations and Penalties

Please Note: Vehicles that have been issued multiple citations, paid or unpaid, are subject to being immobilized or towed away at the owner’s/operator’s expense. Vehicles that have received multiple citations will receive a $50 Escalation Fee in additon to the base fine. Certain infractions include paying for damages in addition to the fine, reported to the Dean of Students, and further disciplinary action. The University reserves the right to revoke an individual's parking privileges due to excessive citations.

For immobilized vehicles, the owner of the vehicle must report to Public Safety. The owner needs to fill out the Boot Removal Form and make full payment or payment arrangments. The vehicle must be removed from campus or if eligible, purchase a permit.

For towed vehicles, the owner of the vehicle must contact Public Safety. The owner will be provided the tow company information. The owner is responsible for all tow fees.

Citations can be paid through the Parking Portal. Please see Citations & Appeals for more details.


SEPTA lots are monitored and enforced by SEPTA, and you must contact SEPTA regarding any infractions or towing occurring on these lots.

Citation Violation Fine
Warning $0.00 
Permit Not Valid for this Lot $15.00 
License Plate Not Displayed $15.00 
Expired/No Permit $15.00 
Electric Charging Violation $15.00 
Permit Not Displayed Properly $15.00 
No Parking/Not in a Legal Space $15.00 
Exceeding Loading/Visitor Time $15.00 
Blocking Driveway/Loading Zone $15.00 
Overnight Storage Fee $15.00 
Parking in a Closed Lot Break $15.00 
Blocking Dumpster $50.00 
Fire Zone Violation $50.00 
ADA Space Violation $50.00 
OSA Space Violation $50.00 
Reckless/Careless Driving $50.00 
Escalation Fee (in addition to base fine) $50.00 
Improper Garage Entry/Exit* $100.00 
Misuse of Permit $100.00 
Vehicle Boot $100.00 
Daily Immobilization Fee (Boot) $15.00 
Forging/Altering Permit $250.00 
Fraudulent Registration to both the registrant and $250.00 
Recipient (in addition to loss of parking privileges through the next year)
*In addition to the cost of repairs for any damages  

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