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Electric Charging Vehicles


Villanova supports our electric vehicle (EV) drivers by continuing to expand and improve our charging station technology on campus. Starting summer of 2020, EV drivers now have three locations on campus in which they can charge, I-1, M-2, and S-4 lots. Three ChargePoint dual plug level 2 stations have been installed at each location, for a total of 18 charging locations throughout campus.


All commuter students and visitors are welcome to use the I-1 charging stations. The stations at M-2 and S-4 are for University faculty/staff permit holders only. If you have an EV and a Villanova faculty /staff parking permit, you may charge your vehicle in either M-2 or S-4 lots, but will need to move your vehicle after you have finished charging to your assigned parking lot. All charged EV will need to be moved to a non-charging station parking space after they have finished charging. All EV vehicles must charge in an approved Charging Station plug to avoid a citation.


To use the stations, drivers will need to create an account with ChargePoint. The ChargePoint app will allow users to see which stations are open and will notify drivers when their car has finished charging. Each station charges uses $0.065/kWh. Drivers are given 1 hour after their car has finished charging to move their vehicle before they are charged $10/hour for blocking the charging spot. Users will be charged a max amount of $35 per charge session.


If you have questions about the EV charging station infrastructure or policy please contact the Parking and Transportation Office.

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