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Parking Improvements

2021: Adhering to social distancing guidelines, students were able to complete all registration online through the Parking Portal. Most permit decals were replaced with virtual permits for the students. These steps decreased office traffic reducing surface contamination of high touch points. Continuing Law Students were offered the opportunity to renew their virtual permit at the end of the academic year. Those that did take advantage of this oportunity have registered in advance of the upcoming regular Permit Sales.

2020: We have expanded our use of LPR technology to include Fixed-LPR at our Guard House entrances. When you pull up to the stop at any of the Guard Houses, the guard will be alerted that your vehicle does or does not have a valid permit for the lots beyond that entrance. Along with this new feature, we will be offering more Virtual Permits.

2019: The Parking Department introduced License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology as an aid to parking enforcement. The LPR Truck is more efficiently monitoring lots ensuring space availability for those who are registered. Remember that all vehicles must park so the license plate faces the drive lane. All Faculty, Staff, and Students can use the Parking Portal to register and manage vehicle information. Please see our video for more details.

2020: Throw away your hangtag! The Virtual Permit is all you need. For Faculty and Staff who registered in the past year, your Virtual Permit will be Auto-Renewed at the end of August for another year. We recommend you login to the Parking Portal and check that your vehicle information is accurate and up to date. An email with more details will be sent in August. To remove a vehicle from your account, please contact the Parking Office.

2019: The introduction of License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology required Faculty and Staff to register for Virtual Permits. Using the Parking Portal, Faculty and Staff can continue to manage their accounts insuring plate information is accurate. Remember that all vehicles must park so the plate faces the drive lane.

2020: Villanova supports our electric vehicle (EV) drivers by continuing to expand and improve our charging station technology on campus. Starting summer of 2020, EV drivers now have three locations on campus in which they can charge, I-1, M-2, and S-4 lots. Three ChargePoint dual plug level 2 stations have been installed at each location, for a total of 18 charging locations throughout campus. More information about ChargePoint Stations and the App can be found here.

2022: In support of the Villanova University Sustainability Initiatives and the President's Climate Commitment, there are now reserved LEFE spaces in the I-1 Garage (first & second floor), and S-5 Law School Surface Lot for ACEEE Certified Vehicles.

2020: In the past academic year, the I-1 Garage serviced 20,000 visitors and the new Guest Pass Request system processed 3,000 visitors.

2019: The I-1 Garage on Ithan Avenue has been designated as the parking lot for Visitors to campus.

Please instruct all Visitors to park in the I-1 Garage. A parking attendant will be on duty at the Ithan entrance from 7am-9pm to assist Visitors. Visitors must obtain a ticket upon entering the garage and use the machines located near the elevators to process payment upon returning to validate the ticket. A validated ticket is required to exit the garage. See Rates

A new form on the Parking Portal has been instituted to accommodate a speaker or vendor with inner campus parking. Daytime parking availability is limited, and all vehicles admitted to inner campus will require License Plate Registration. Departments with frequent event speakers or vendors will be provided a unique login to the Parking Portal for a Guest Pass Request. Please contact the Parking Office to discuss setting up a Department Login. More details and User Guides for Departments and Guest are here.

Please notify the Parking Office in advance of any event exceeding 25 visitors, so we can insure visitor parking in the I-1 Garage.

2021: Working within COVID Restrictions, the Transportation Department was still able to offer the Off-Campus Shuttle Services for the 20-21 school year. An additional shuttle was provided to compensate for the reduced capacity, and approximately 100 students a day utilized this service. Buses, with limited capacity, were still offered to King of Prussia shopping areas each Friday and Saturday with over 150 students taking advantage of the service every weekend.

The On-Campus Shuttle and Nova Van On Demand Shuttle, used for late night student transportation, did not operate this past year. Both will return for the Fall of 2021 including a software upgrade to the Nova Van On Demand app.

The modified Mobility Shuttle continued to operate providing over 1,100 transports to Faculty, Staff, and Students. Additionally, vehicles were specifially designated for transporting those effected by COVID to and from quarantine sites with thorough cleaning procedures. Approximately 350 COVID and COVID Tracer transports were conducted throughout the academic year.

Villanova Fleet Vehicle usage was extremely limited due to COVID Travel Restrictions. Transporation was able to accommodate 509 reservation, traveling 81,076 miles.

2020: Expanding the usage of the TapRide app, the Mobility Shuttle now uses a feature of the software to service transports. Faculty, Staff, and Students with disabilities or injuries preventing them from using the On-Campus Shuttle can contact the Transportation Department and be added to to the Mobility Group through the app. Those in need of a transport can easily hail a ride through the app and the mobility driver can respond to the request.

2019: The Transportation Department Launched Nova Van On Demand. Managed through theTapRide app, this service employs student drivers, and uses Fleet Vehicles, to provide late night transportation to fellow students. This free safety transport service began in November of 2018 and has provided 9,500 late night rides this past school year.

Nova Van On Demand enhances operational efficiency, the quality of services provided by the university, and generates a cost savings. Linda Lindley received the Villanova Work Process Improvement Award for the successful implementation of this program.

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