Parking Information

Faculty, Staff, and Eligible Students

All Faculty, Staff, and Eligible Students can use Villanova University Parking. All vehicles must be registered and display a valid parking permit. Parking is assigned by lot and a coordinating permit will be issued. Any changes such as a new vehicle or work location can be made on the Parking Portal or by contacting the Parking Office. If a vehicle other than the one(s) registered needs to be used on a temporary bases, please visit the Parking Office to obtain a temporary parking permit. All traffic laws and Parking Regulations must be followed at all times.



All Visitors can now park in the I-1 Garage located on the South East corner of Ithan and Lancaster Aves. The entrance to the lot is on Ithan Ave. This garage is equipped with a gate and a ticket must be obtained prior to entering. Before exiting the garage, payment must be made using the machine in order to validate the ticket. See Rates

If parking is required elsewhere than the I-1 Garage, then a temporary parking pass must be obtained. Temporary day permits can be obtained at any Guard Gate or the Parking Office. Faculty and Staff can request a temporary pass prior to their Visitor’s arrival by submitting the Guest Parking Request Form. Temporary permits are valid in accordance with the duration of the date and time stamped on the permit and must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard. Notes left on a vehicle are not a substitute for a temporary permit.


Villanova Parking Lots are Private. Use of the Parking Lots, permitted or not permitted, subjects you to the Parking Regulations and Enforcement of those Regulations. This may include, but not limited to, Citations, Loss of Parking, Boots, or Tows.



Villanova University provides for handicapped parking through the use of approved signage and space marking. Only those individuals who have an authorized placard or state issued handicapped license plate may occupy such spaces. Handicapped or temporarily disabled individuals requiring transportation should notify the Department of Public Safety dispatcher (Ext. 9-6979) 72 hours prior to the desired time of transport.

The Department of Public Safety will attempt to park disabled individuals as close to any special event as practical and as space is available. 

Faculty, Staff, and Eligible Students must submit copies of their ADA paperwork to the Parking Office. 



  • You must register your own vehicle or a vehicle of a family member of your household. Upper classmen can not register an under classmen's vehicle.
  • Who is eligible for a parking permit?  All Faculty and Staff can obtain a parking permit. Eligible students include Commuters, Law Students, and Resident Juniors and Seniors.
  • How do I register for a parking permit? Registration can be done online at Parking Portal. Please visit Parking Registration for more details.
  • How do I display my permit? Hang tags must be hung from the review mirror without obstructions. If switching to your secondary vehicle, please remember to move the permit with you. Sticker decals must be permanently affixed to the vehicles window and in the correct location. All permits must be visible at all times.
  • I lost/damaged my permit? Please visit the Parking Office to have the old permit deactivated and a new one issued. There is a replacment fee.
  • My permit expired? Please go online to the Parking Portal to register for a new parking permit and the new one can be picked up at the Parking Office.
  • Can I share my permit? No. All permits are issued to 1 individual and their corresponding vehicle. Sharing a permit is a violation.
  • Where can I park with my permit? All parking permits are assigned to a lot and you must park in your assigned lot. Exemptions can be made on a temporary basis. Please visit the Parking Office to obtain a temporary pass. If there is a temporary issue with a lot, you will be instructed to alternative parking.
  • How many vehicles can I register? Faculty and Staff can register up multiple vehicles. Eligible Students can register 1 vehicle.
  • How do I change my permanent vehicle? Faculty/Staff: Please visit the Parking Portal to change your vehicle, add a new vehicle, or update your profile. Students: Please add the new vehicle to your parking account, remove the decals from the old vehicle, and bring the decal to the Parking Office for a replacement.
  • Can I use a vehicle other than the one I registered for a day or short period? A temporary pass must be obtained whenever a vehicle other than the one currently registered with the Parking Office is brought to campus. Passes are valid until the date and time indicated on the pass and can be obtained at any Guard Gate or the Parking Office
  • Where can my visitor or guest park? All visitors and guests can pay to park at the I-1 Garage. For University business, Faculty and Staff can request a temporary pass prior to their arrival. Please visit Forms for the Guest Parking Request.
  • Can I just leave a note on my vehicle? No. Temporary parking permits can be obtained at any Guard Gate or the Parking Office. Notes are unacceptable.
  • Can I just leave my flashers on? No. Temporary parking permits can be obtained at any Guard Gate or the Parking Office. Flashers are unacceptable.
  • Where do Contractors, Temporary Employees, Volunteers, and Interns park?  All are required to purchase permits for their time on campus. If warranted, the department hosting the worker can obtain the permit for them. Contractors must be registered through Facilities Management or Public Safety.
  • Can I park in the SEPTA lot? Under no circumstances should an individual park in either of the two SEPTA lots adjacent to the campus. The SEPTA lots are NOT University parking areas. SEPTA tows all unauthorized vehicles.
  • How much does a parking permit cost? Faculty and Staff is $125 per year which will be deducted through payroll. Eligible students is $100 per year which is billed through the Bursar. Please visit Parking Permit Prices for all costs.
  • What are the heights of the Garages and Bridges?
  •     I-1 Garage: Ithan 8'2'', Lancaster 8'2'', 2 & 3 Levels 7'
  •     M-2 Garage:  Main Level 8'2'', Ramp 7', Lower Level 7'2''
  •     S-4 Garage:  Main & Lower Level 7'5'', Ramps 7'5'
  •     County Line Bridge:  10'4''  Ithan/South Bridge:  10'
  •     Lancaster Pedestrian Bridge:  17'6''

  • All vehicle and drivers must abide by all traffic laws and the University Parking Regulations. Not following these laws and regulations can result in a citation or loss of parking privileges.
  • All vehicles are to be operated with extreme caution at no more than 15 miles per hour on University roadways and in parking lots. 
  • Pedestrians have the right of way at all times. 
  • Traffic controls, such as access gates, stop and speed limit signs, pedestrian right of way lanes, and traffic lane designations, are in effect at all times. Any tampering with or damage to gates will result in loss of parking privledges. 

Additional Information

For additional information, please feel free to contact the Parking Office at 610-519-6989 during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm); or email Customer Service anytime.

For questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Shuttles or Nova Van On Demand, please email

We are located in Garey Hall at the corner of County Line Road and Spring Mill Rd.

Parking Permits may be purchased in July of each year!