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Parking Request Appeal

Resident Freshman and Sophomore Parking Request

Resident Freshmen and Sophomores are not permitted to have vehicles on campus. All students are encouraged to utilize the campus shuttle services, car share program, and/or public transportation. Before submitting this form, please visit the Transportation Options for Students.

Submit this form to initiate an application for Medical or Internship Parking Exception. Ineligible students with a one-time emergency must contact the parking office through this form. A temp pass will not be issued for longer than 1 week, the car must be parked in the lot it is assigned, a fee will be applied, and it cannot be renewed.

Important: DO NOT bring a car to campus prior to learning the outcome of the application. Violations incurred before contacting the parking office or before approval will not be waived.

Brief Explanation or additional comments:

A staff member will be in contact about sending documentation.
Medical Certification and Treatment Form

Contact Us

Phone: 610-519-6989

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For feedback or questions on the Shuttle Service or NovaVan, please email us.

The Parking Office is located in Garey Hall.