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Parking Exception Application

Resident Freshmen and Sophomores are not permitted to have vehicles on campus. All students are expected to utilize the campus shuttle services, car share program, and/or public transportation. Before submitting this form, please visit the Transportation Options for Students for more details on these services and where to find local business information. All Parking Exception Requests must follow the application process. Ineligible students with a one-time emergency must contact the parking office through this form. A temp pass will not be issued for longer than 1 week, the car must be parked in the lot it is assigned, a fee will be applied, and it cannot be renewed.


Medical Accomodations Villanova Student Health Center provides many health services. NovaCare is located in the Jake Nevin Field House. The Off-Campus Shuttle routinely stops at Bryn Mawr Hospital. The Mobility Shuttle accommodates nearby medical facilities including Pen MedicineRothman Institute, Bryn Mawr Hospital, Main Line Diagnosis, Excel Physical Therapy, Urgent Care, and many local medical offices. Please call 610-519-5800 to see if another nearby medical facility can be accommodated.

Additionally, the free Shuttle routes frequent shopping areas with grocery stores and pharmacies. Many local grocery stores and pharmacies offer deliveries. Applications to accomodate such services will not be considered. Please visit Transportation Options for Students for more details on these services.


Medical Parking Exception Application Medical Exception Passes are granted with the purpose of attending medical appointments. For your application to be considered, you need to provide proof of a treatment schedule and the location(s) you will be receiving treatment. The Medical Certification and Treatment Schedule must be completed by the the treating Medical Professional. Your application can then be submitted for review. All students are expected to use the university resources and above listed accommodations, alternative transportation, coordinate family transportation, appointment scheduling around University break weeks, or Telemedicine and these options will be considered during the review.


Internship Parking Exception Application Internship Exception Passes will only be  considered if it is an academic credit bearing internship. The employer will need to provide documentation of the location(s) and the date the internship begins and ends on official letterhead and documentation of the registered course from the registrar or advisor. Your application can then be submitted for review. All students are expected to use alternative transportation and this will be considered during the reveiw.

Please note: If this is not a university approved internship then we cannot approve your request. Ineligible students will not be granted parking for general employment. When job searching, please consider the transportation required to reach the job location.


To begin the application process, please submit the Parking Exception Application Form

You will be contacted by a member of the parking staff who will request the above documentation, so it can be submitted for review. Please note, approvals may be for part of the year and require renewal or appointment confirmation. Lot assignment is based on availability and the exception pass rate is $10 per week excluding University break weeks.


IMPORTANT: DO NOT bring a car to campus prior to learning the outcome of the application. Violations incurred before contacting the parking office or before approval will not be waived.

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The Parking Office is located in Garey Hall.