Half Year Parking Information

Returning a Permit 


Students who purchased a Parking Permit for the year, but will not need a Parking Permit for the Spring Semester can return the permit for a 50% refund. Please scrape off all decals and bring the pieces to the Parking Office during office hours. The credit will be issued to your Bursar Account. Study Abroad Students need to do this before they leave for Winter Break. For all other Students, please return your permit by Jan 18, 2019. Credits will not be issued after this date.


Purchasing for Spring Semester 


Students who need to purchase a Parking Permit for the Spring Semester will need to Register on the Parking Portal. Registration for the Spring Semester begins Dec 17, 2018. Please add your vehicle (have a copy of your vehicle registration available for upload) and purchase either the I-1 Garage Permit if you are a Commuter or the I-2 South Permit if you are a Resident for $50. After registering, you can pick up your permit in the Parking Office.

Please note: West permits will then be issued in the order that the I-2 Permits were purchased. The I-2 South Permit will allow you to park in the upper level of the S-4 Garage for the interim.

Additional Information

For additional information, please feel free to contact the Parking Office at 610-519-6989 during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm); or email Customer Service anytime.

For questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Shuttles or Nova Van On Demand, please email shuttles@villanova.edu

We are located in Garey Hall at the corner of County Line Road and Spring Mill Rd.

Parking Permits may be purchased in July of each year!