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Permit Registration

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Villanova University Parking Portal User Guide


Permit Sales Begin July 12, 2022



Eligible Students


Parking Registration will begin for all Eligible Students over the summer. To be eligible for a student parking permit, a student must be actively registered for classes. All permit orders are done through the Parking Portal. Please have your vehicle registration available for upload. If registered and assigned on campus housing, residential permits will be available when ordering. If your housing changes accross campus or from on to off campus and vis versa, you must contact parking to make an permit exchange. Please see Student Parking Registration for more details. Please reveiw the Parking Regulations before registering.

As the campus landscape has changed, student parking has changed as well. For commuters, certain majors are being used to identify parking locations and residents have a small lot selection. Although, different lots will be available, parking space is limitted and lots will not be oversold. Plan to order your permit early.

I-1 Garage Permits will be a physical decal used to trigger the gate system for entry and exit. All other permits are virtual and no physical permit is requred. The Parking Department is using License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology as an aid for parking enforcement. This requires that your vehicle information is accurate and kept up to date.


Ineligible Students


Resident Freshmen and Sophomores are not permitted to have vehicles on campus. All students are encouraged to utilize the campus shuttle services, car share program, and/or public transportation. Please visit the Transportation Options for Students for more details on these services and where to find local business information. If a freshman or sophomore does not have on campus housing and lives off campus, they are eligible for a parking permit. However, if they move on campus, they no longer qualify for a parking permit and the permit will be returned and refunded.

All Parking Exception Requests must follow the application process. Ineligible students with a one-time emergency must contact the parking office through this form.  A temp pass will not be issued for longer than 1 week, the car must be parked in the lot it is assigned, a fee will be applied, and it cannot be renewed. Do Not bring your car to campus without prior approve from the parking office. Any violations incurred before contacting the parking office or before approval will not be waived.


Summer Students


Summer Permits will be available for order in May on the Parking Poral. All students taking summer classes, residing on campus, or leaving their vehicle until fall semester must have a permit for their vehicle in order to park on campus. The Summer Permit for all Summer Sessions is virtual and valid for the following lots: I-1 Garage, I-2 South, and W-2 West. The Evening Permit for Summer Sessions classes only after 5pm is virtual and valid for parking in the following lots: M-2 Garage, S-2 CEER/Tolentine, S-3 Mendel, and W-1 St. Mary's. The Summer Permit for Break Storage is valid for W-2 West near the tennis courts/soccer bleachers and please complete the Break Period Registration form.

If Student Registration for the upcomming year has began, then the summer permits have been removed from the parking portal. If you are still in need of a summer permit, please contact the parking office.

Reminder:  No vehicles should be left on other campus lots for the weekend of Commencement. Please see Break Period Registration if you need to leave your vehicle for the summer.


Faculty and Staff


Current Faculty and Staff in need of a parking permit this year. Permits for 22-23 are now available on the Parking Portal. When registering, you will have the choices of:

  • A-2 Rear Pavilion Lot
  • S-4 North Campus Garage
  • Employees of St. Mary’s and South Campus buildings will have choices for W-1 and I-2

Please consult the Campus Map prior to making your selection. From the home page, you can also add or manage waitlists. Parking Staff may direct you to an alternative lot throughout the year due to major events.

Current Faculty and Staff already registered with a permit will not need to register this year; your permit is scheduled to be auto-renewed. If you are no longer using a vehicle on your account or need to add a vehicle, please visit the Parking Portal and update your information. From the home page, you can also add or manage waitlists.

New Hires will be supplied with a temp pass from HR or the Provost Office for the first few weeks as their account gets updated. Before the temp pass expires, you will be able to login and register through the Parking Portal.

The Parking Portal User Guide link is at the top of this page, but if you need assistance registering or have had changes to your building assignment, please contact parking.


Handicapped: In order to assure sufficient Handicapped parking, we require that you provide a copy of your state ADA documentation for your hangtag or plate which can be uploaded on the Parking Portal.


Villanova Parking Lots are Private. Use of the Parking Lots, permitted or not permitted, subjects you to the Parking Regulations and Enforcement of those Regulations. This may include, but not limited to, Citations, Loss of Parking, Boots, or Tows.


Contact Us

Phone: 610-519-6989

Email Parking

For feedback or questions on the Shuttle Service or NovaVan, please email us.

The Parking Office is located in Garey Hall.