Permit Registration

For Registration, log into the Parking Portal


Eligible Students


On July 10, 2018, Parking Registration will begin for all Eligible Students. Please see 2018-2019 Student Parking Registration for details. Please have your vehicle registration available for upload. Please reveiw the Parking Regulations before registering.


Register Early! Don't wait in line to pick up a permit!

Residents who register before August will receive their permit in their Villanova mailbox. Commuters will receive their permit via standard mail.


Please Note: Parking on inner campus, faculty and staff lots, or handicapped spaces is prohibited at all times without the proper permit. Parking in a fire zone is always strictly enforced. No exceptions will be made for illegal parking during “move-in” in the aforementioned areas.


Faculty and Staff


Current Faculty and Staff does not need to register this year; your permit is good thru Aug 31, 2019. If you are no longer using a vehicle on your account or need to add a vehicle, please visit the Parking Portal and update your information. From the home page, you can also add or manage waitlists.

New hires or Faculty and Staff that have changed location on campus need to visit the Parking Office to obtain a new or different permit. Please remember to bring your driver’s license, wildcard, vehicle registration, and permit (if exchanging). 

**Evening Faculty and Staff permits will expire August 31, 2018. Please visit the Parking Office to pick up a new permit.


Handicapped: In order to assure sufficient Handicapped parking, we require that you provide a copy of your state ADA documentation for your hangtag or plate which can be uploaded on the Parking Portal.


Villanova Parking Lots are Private. Use of the Parking Lots, permitted or not permitted, subjects you to the Parking Regulations and Enforcement of those Regulations. This may include, but not limited to, Citations, Loss of Parking, Boots, or Tows.


Additional Information

For additional information, please feel free to contact the Parking Office at 610-519-6989 during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm); or email Customer Service anytime.

We are located in Garey Hall at the corner of County Line Road and Spring Mill Rd.

Parking Permits may be purchased in July of each year!