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Emergencies, Accidents, Breakdowns:  Call Public Safety 610-519-4444                       


Steps to become a Student or Employee University Approved Driver

In order to drive a University vehicle, all Students and Employees must complete the steps below before arriving for a scheduled reservation.

1. Go to the Driving University Vehicles page on the Insurance & Risk Management website:

  • Click +Instructions for Applying to Become a University Approved Driver
  • Complete the Motor Vehicle Record Consent Form and submit to the Insurance & Risk Management Department
  • Students: Complete the online Driver Safety Training Course (employees do not need to complete this step). Log into Blackboard and under Organization Catalog choose Available for Self Enrollment. Search 'Driver Safety Training' and Enroll to have the course added to your My Organizations. You must print the Transcript that displays your Results and send a copy to the Insurance & Risk Management Department.

2. Go to Agile Fleet and create your user profile. Once Insurance & Risk Management has received the above documents and approved them, your Agile Fleet Account will be approved and you will be allowed to drive a University vehicle.

3. Review the Van Fleet Policy and see Q&A below. When you take out a University Fleet Vehicle, you accept and agree to the Van Fleet Policy.  

4. You must bring your License and Confirmation Number with you for Pick-Ups. Pick-Up is at Garey Hall.

Insurance & Risk Management Department is located at the

Villanova Center 789 Lancaster Ave Suite #200 Villanova, PA 19085  Phone # 610-519-8862  Fax # 610-519-6809


Making Vehicle Reservations

Students cannot make vehicle reservations. The Parking and Transportation Office will not create a reservation for a student. Students must have a responsible Faculty or Staff member submit a reservation for approval by the Parking and Transportation Office. If you have questions as to who should submit the reservation, please contact a department head or the Fleet Customer Service Specialist for suggestions.

Faculty and Staff need to create an Agile Fleet account, and then contact the Fleet Customer Service Specialist to have your account set as a requestor. You do not have to be a University Approved Driver in order to be a requestor. As a requestor, you must contact the Insurance & Risk Manage department about Policies, Waivers, and Compliance.

Departments will be billed for the following: Reservation Fee, Usage, No-Show Cancelation Fee, Non-University Van Rentals. Please contact the Fleet Customer Service Specialist for detailed cost information.

All vehicle reservations must be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the trip date through Agile Fleet. Any reservation changes must be submitted through Agile Fleet.

Any trip of 300 miles one way or more, must have an accompanying Faculty or Staff member and requires prior approval from the Director of Parking and Transportation. All drivers must be University Approved Drivers before an itinerary will be considered for approval. Complete the Van Fleet Itinerary Form and submit it to the Parking and Transportation Office 1 month prior to the trip date.

* Fleet Van Trip Itinerary (2).pdf
Fleet Van Trip Itinerary


Q & A

For further information, contact the Parking Office for the Fleet Customer Service Specialist at 610-519-7038.

Emergencies, Accidents, Breakdowns:  Call Public Safety 610-519-4444 For non-emergency information, please first check the glove compartment for insurance, registration, and gassing up.

  • My license has been renewed, do I need to update it with Villanova? Yes, please resubmit the Motor Vehicle Record Consent Form to Insurance & Risk Management and update your Agile Fleet account.
  • I drove for Day of Service, can I continue to be a University Driver? Yes, but contact Insurance & Risk Management to notify them of the group you plan to drive for, so they can have your approval set in the system correctly.
  • What size vehicles are available? 5 Passenger cars; 7 & 8 Passenger Mini-Vans; 11 Passenger Vans with cargo space, 10 & 12 Passenger Vans (Hitches available on certain models, so please call for special arrangements)
  • Do the vehicles have E-ZPasses? All vehicles have E-ZPass. Please proceed through the E-ZPass Lane at the posted Speed Limit. An E-ZPass unit will be provided for Third-Party Rentals. Please let the Fleet Customer Service Specialist know one is needed in this circumstance.
  • Who should submit a vehicle reservation on Agile Fleet? Faculty or Staff members can make reservations. Requestors must follow Insurance & Risk Management Policies, Waivers, and Compliance. If you need help finding out who your requestor is, please contact a department head or the Fleet Customer Service Specialist.
  • Where do I pick-up the vehicle? Please come to Garey Hall with your license and confirmation number. The Parking and Transportation window will issue you the keys (after hours-Public Safety Dispatch). Vehicles are located on the top of the S-4 Law School Garage.
  • I'm in an accident. What should I do? Follow all applical laws and safety procedures. If the vehicle is operable, move the vehicle to a safe location. You and all passengers should get to safety even if the vehicle can not. Call local police and emergency services first. Call Public Safety second. Follow all instructions from police, emergency personel, and Public Safety.
  • There's damage to the vehicle. What should I do? If there's damage when you pick up the vehicle notate it on the travel sheet. If damage occures while the vehicle is issued to you, you must file a damage report with Public Safety.
  • What should I do if there is inclement weather? The Dirctor of Parking and Transportation will cancel reservations (without charge) if the weather is deemed unsafe for driving. If you are already on the road and the weather is effecting drivability, get to the next safe location and stop driving. Call Public Safety. If you are contacted by the Director to stop driving, you are required to stop and not resume until the Director deems it safe for you to continue your trip.

Additional Information

For additional information, please feel free to contact the Parking Office at 610-519-6989 during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm); or email Customer Service anytime.

For questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Shuttles or Nova Van On Demand, please email

We are located in Garey Hall at the corner of County Line Road and Spring Mill Rd.

Parking Permits may be purchased in July of each year!