Sign-up for Fleet Van Usage

In order to drive a University vehicle, a student or employee must successfully pass a motor vehicle record check.


Follow these Steps to become an approved University driver:


  1. Go to the Driving University Vehicles page on the Insurance and Risk Management web site
  2. Complete all necessary forms pertaining to you per the instructions on the web page.
  3. If you are a student, you must complete online driver safety training and then Print the Transcript from the EduRisk Learning web site at the end of the of the on-line course.
  4. Fax the Form and Transcript from the EduRisk Learning web site to 610-519-6809 (ext. 9-6809)
    IF you are UNABLE to fax them, take them to the Risk Management Office in Suite 109 of St. Mary's Hall.
  5. Sign-up for Fleet Van usage by clicking here and create your user profile.
  6. Only after ALL of the above is complete, can you drive a Fleet Van.

Any trip of 300 miles or more, requires prior approval from the Director of Parking and Transportation by completing the form below and submitting it to the Parking Office in Garey Hall.

For further information, contact the Parking Office at 610-519-7038.

Additional Information

For additional information, please feel free to contact the Parking Office at 610-519-6989 during normal business hours (Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm & Friday 8am-5pm); or email Customer Service anytime.

We are located in Garey Hall at the corner of County Line Road and Spring Mill Rd.

Parking Permits may be purchased after mid-July of each year!