Campus Parking Changes 2018-2019


Citations can now be paid on the Parking Portal. Please see Citations & Appeals for more details.


On July 10, 2018, Parking Registration will begin for all Eligible Students. Please see 2018-2019 Student Parking Registration for details. Review all the Parking Regulations before registering. Please contact the Parking Office with any questions regarding registration and permits. 


Changes to the I-1 Garage

The I-1 Garage features gated access. All I-1 permits will have RFID Chip technology. The sensor at the gate will read the RFID Chip and automatically open the gate for admittance. Visitors will be able to pull a ticket at the gate. Before leaving, they can pay at the machine in order to validate the ticket. When they exit, the validated ticket will be used to activate the gate.


Faculty and Staff

Current Faculty and Staff will not have to register this year. Parking Permits are valid until Aug 31, 2019. If you need to add or change a vehicle on your account, please use the Parking Portal or visit the Parking Office to make changes. 


Electric Vehicles

All Electric Vehicles must have an Electric Parking Permit in order to park in Electric Charging Stations. Students parking in the I-1 or S-4 Garages can purchase an Electric Parking Permit for $200yr. Faculty and Staff parking in the M-2 or S-4 Garages can purchase an Electric Parking Permit for $200yr. You are permitted to park in an Electric Charaging Station spacewhile you are charging (approximately 4 hrs). When not charging, your vehicle will need to be parked in a non-charging space in the garage it is issued.

Additional Information

For additional information, please feel free to contact the Parking Office at 610-519-6989 during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm); or email Customer Service anytime.

For questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Shuttles or Nova Van On Demand, please email

We are located in Garey Hall at the corner of County Line Road and Spring Mill Rd.

Parking Permits may be purchased in July of each year!