Parking Information

In an effort to provide our community with adequate parking and safe traffic conditions, it is the policy of Villanova University that junior and senior resident students (by academic year) and all commuting students are eligible to purchase a permit to park on campus. The University reserves the right to assign students to park in designated lots. While we work towards providing close, convenient parking, there may be instances when students are assigned to park in a lot that is not near their residence hall or classroom building.

Freshmen and sophomore resident students are not permitted to park vehicles on University parking lots/areas. A student’s class-year status is determined by entry date and is not based on number of credits earned. This distinction is important in that students bringing AP credits into Villanova do not advance in class year for purposes of obtaining on-campus parking. It is important that non-eligible resident students DO NOT bring their vehicles to campus or park in the residential areas surrounding Villanova since adjacent townships prohibit non-residential parking on many local streets.

Transportation Options. All students are encouraged to utilize the campus shuttle service, the Hertz Connect car share program, public transportation, and/or the Public Safety Escort Service as an alternative to bringing a vehicle to campus. There are two SEPTA train stations on-campus: the R5 Paoli/Thorndale Regional Rail as well as the R100 train/Norristown High Speed lines. SEPTA trains travel to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia as well as the Philadelphia International Airport. Villanova students can therefore leverage a wide array of public transportation resources from campus property. In addition, several local taxi companies also provide service to the campus. On weekends, two University shuttle services are available for students who want to travel to the King of Prussia Mall or the businesses along the Main Line between Wayne and Ardmore.

Exceptions to Parking Restrictions. Exceptions to the resident student parking restrictions for freshmen and sophomores are extremely limited. Freshmen and sophomores may appeal for medical reasons in order to seek off-campus treatment, provided appropriate documentation from a physician that details the student’s treatment schedule is provided. Sophomores with a credit bearing internship may also apply for an exception. Students should keep in mind that freshmen and sophomores who receive an exception in these limited instances are most often assigned to park on South campus, near the freshmen residence halls. Students who intentionally submit false documentation in order to obtain a parking permit are referred to the Dean of Students Office for disciplinary action.

To be considered for an exception permit, freshmen and sophomore resident students must submit an on-line request to the Parking Office before the vehicle is brought to campus. Documentation from a physician (including a treatment schedule) or an employer (only academic credit bearing internship employment will be considered) should be emailed to us at on your physicians letterhead. Medical and/or employment (credit bearing) will not necessarily be reasons for an appeal to be granted. No temporary permits will be issued unless permission has been granted in advance. This includes periods before and after holidays and breaks. Please check with the Parking Office for appeal information and deadlines.

Visitor Parking. Visitors to our campus should call the Parking Office at 610-519-6989. After hours drive to our Main Entrance Gate, off of North Ithan Avenue, and see the Public Safety Officer for parking instructions and passes.

Additional Information

For additional information, please feel free to contact the Parking Office at 610-519-6989 during normal business hours (Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and Summer Fridays 8am-12pm); or email Customer Service anytime. Parking Permits may be purchased after mid-July of each year!