What grade point average (GPA) should I have to be considered for the Second Degree Accelerated BSN (BSNExpress)?

Prospective students should have a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) or higher from their previous degree program to be considered for the Second Degree Accelerated BSN (BSNExpress).

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Is there someone in the program like me?

The commonality among Second Degree Accelerated BSN (BSNExpress) students is that they are all different! Our students are not just from our region but are from all over the country. Some are recent college graduates, some have been out of school for many years.  They have worked in law, marketing, science, insurance, theater, and education.  We even had a soap opera actor, an entrepreneur,  and a mountain climber complete the program.  Students come to us with bachelor’s degrees and even doctorates.  Their undergraduate degrees span a variety of areas to include Spanish, criminology, kinesiology, business, political science and psychology.

So, is there someone exactly like you? No, and that’s what makes the program so great! Has there been someone your age, with your type of education and interests?  Most likely, yes.  We welcome you to apply to be a member of our diverse and very interesting cohort!

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I am interested in the Second Degree Accelerated BSN (BSNExpress). What should I do next?

If you need more information about the program, contact the Second Degree Program Coordinator or if you are ready to discuss your specific background and prerequisite status, fax or mail your transcript to Second Degree Accelerated BSN (BSNExpress) Express Office. A preliminary transcript review should be done by one of our academic advisors to assist you in completing your prerequisites before applying to the program.

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Where can I take my prerequisites?

Prerequisites may be completed at any accredited college or university.  Students who choose to complete their prerequisites at Villanova University need to complete an application through the College of Professional Studies, Office of Part-Time Studies.

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Are there special requirements for international students?

International students must have foreign degrees and courses evaluated by a foreign transcript evaluation service such as World Education Services, Inc. (www.wes.org) or Joseph Silny & Associates, Inc. (www.jsilny.com). If you earned your degree outside the United States, you must send your Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores to the Fitzpatrick College of Nursing. In order to be considered for admission, applicants must score at least 550 on the paper-based test, 213 on the computer-based test, or 85 on the internet-based test.  When you register for the TOEFL, please request that your results be sent directly to Villanova (our institutional code is 2959). Accepted international students are required to submit a Certificate of Finances form along with their registration deposit before they can be issued the I-20 form needed to receive a student visa. Need-based financial assistance is only available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

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May I visit Villanova University and the Fitzpatrick College of Nursing?

Prospective students are encouraged to visit Villanova University and the Fitzpatrick College of Nursing. Villanova University is easily accessible. You will find transportation information and a map on the university site and may take a virtual tour of the university. Visit our admissions web site to schedule an on-campus tour.  Prospective students are welcome to attend the university's Graduate and Part-Time Studies Open House held each spring and fall.

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What is the cost of the Second Degree Accelerated BSN (BSNExpress)?

The current tuition cost for the Second Degree Accelerated BSN (BSNExpress) class is $45,200. This cost is for the entire 14-months. In addition to tuition and living expenses, other expenses you may anticipate include  books; transportation to clinical sites; parking; uniforms; physical examination and required immunizations; stethoscope, protective mouthpieces and eye shields; CPR certification; background checks for specific clinical agencies; and standardized tests at the completion of major courses in preparation for the national licensure examination.

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How can I finance my education while I am in the Second Degree Accelerated BSN (BSNExpress)?

While students in this program are not eligible for Villanova University scholarships (they are for first degree students only), there are other financing options available. If you are interested in pursuing additional assistance to finance your education, you will need to work with the University Office of Financial Assistance.  Students interested in pursuing federal financial assistance while enrolled in the the program can apply for the Federal Stafford Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, and the Nursing Student Loan program by submitting the Villanova University Second Degree Accelerated BSN (BSNExpress) Institutional Financial Aid Application, the appropriate year’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and signed copies of the previous year’s U.S. Income Tax Returns and W-2 forms.

Students who are not interested in applying for federal assistance but are looking for additional financing options may utilize the Villanova Financing Plan. Information about financial aid can be obtained from the Office of Financial Assistance at www.finaid.villanova.edu. Questions regarding federal and alternative financing opportunities should be addressed to the Office of Financial Assistance finaid@villanova.edu. Many of the funding opportunities for second degree students are “non-traditional.” Due to the present shortage of nurses, prospective employers may be interested in assisting students prior to graduation in return for the student agreeing to work for the agency after graduation.  This applies to healthcare agencies, as well as all branches of military service; check healthcare employer and military advertisements and websites for information. Some students have worked as nursing assistants or in other capacities for a hospital and that hospital either agreed to pay for their education or promised a sign-on bonus.

Students can independently explore the following sites which may be helpful resources Pennsylvania Nursing Loan Forgiveness Program; Indian Health Service;http://bhpr.hrsa.gov; www.fedmoney.org; www.finaid.com; www.fastweb.com; www.financialaid.com and www.scholaraid.com.Johnson & Johnson’s Discover Nursing website provides specific information about nursing loans and scholarships; the funding sources may be searched by state, deadline dates, GPA, and ethnicity. These sites are not managed by Villanova University. 

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Is there housing available for Second Degree Accelerated BSN (BSNExpress) students?

University Housing is always at a premium, even for our basic undergraduate students. The standard dormitory housing available to our freshmen and sophomores is not available to second degree students. However, there are many options for housing in the Villanova and Greater Philadelphia area.  Information about area housing may be accessed via Villanova’s website at www.reslife.villanova.edu; click on off campus housing after accessing Residence Life’s home page. In addition, people in the area many times offer rooms or small apartments within a home in return for assistance with childcare, eldercare, or household chores. Further information about these opportunities may be accessed at www.helpforhousing.com.

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Villanova understands family.

"I'm so thankful that Villanova prepared me as well as they did! A lot of my patients ask me where I went to nursing school, and when I say 'Villanova' I seem to always get the same response: 'Ahhhh that makes sense! They're known for their nurses!' It makes me proud to be a Villanovan!"

-- Melissa Attanasio

My View

"I am currently working at HUP in the MICU and loving it...I am so happy that I chose Villanova to pursue my BSN degree and think you all did a phenomenal job at preparing us for a career in nursing."

Meredith Jones, BS in Chemistry/BA in Italian
West Chester, PA