Nurse Anesthesia Mission

The School of Anesthesia is jointly controlled by the Crozer-Chester Medical Center of the Keystone Health System and Villanova University M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing. This Mission Statement is a reflection of both institutions. 

The mission of Crozer-Keystone Health System is to improve the health status of those we serve. Through a seamless, user-friendly continuum of quality health services, including primary health promotion and acute and long term care through rehabilitation and restorative care, Crozer-Keystone will deploy its resources in a cost effective and community-responsive manner.

Working in partnership with our physicians and other health professionals, we will seek to forge new alliances with other community health and social service organizations. Working with our community, our goal is to build a healthy place to live and work, and a sound environment in which to build and maintain.

The Fitzpatrick College of Nursing, consistent with the mission of Villanova University, assumes responsibility for the education of individuals who will be prepared to provide a vital service to society and who are liberally educated, clinically competent, compassionate and ethically motivated. The college is committed to providing high quality education in the liberal arts and sciences and expert preparation in the knowledge and clinical skills of professional nursing to qualified individuals who must be prepared and empowered to confront the health care demands of a complex and technologically advanced society.

The Fitzpatrick College of Nursing’s emphasis on education in values and ethical principles is a pervasive and central theme and emanates from the Catholic and Augustinian tradition of the University. The faculty is expected to serve as role models and mentors for the professional development of students in the exercise of their academic responsibilities.

Therefore, the School of Anesthesia’s mission, through its strong clinical and academic affiliations, is to select and prepare nurse anesthetists from appropriately credentialed, baccalaureate prepared, registered nurses who will provide compassionate, ethically sound, and clinically competent anesthesia services to a diverse society which includes all sector and strata of the population in any locale that anesthesia services are required.

Anesthesia Student and Faculty