Nursing Alumni Association Plan for the 21st Century

Strategic plan

In the fall of 2008, the Nursing Alumni Society launched a strategic planning process to chart a course for its future and to more closely align its goals with those of the College. The planning process was concluded in spring 2009 with an updated name change and the presentation of The Nursing Alumni Association Plan for the 21st Century to Dean Louise Fitzpatrick, who gave the plan her full endorsement.

The cornerstone of our Strategic Plan is our Mission Statement above. We will focus on four Primary Goals in support of this mission:

  • Building a strong relationship and visible presence with the College and the University
  • Developing relevant programs addressing stakeholder interests
  • Providing communication and engagement opportunities worldwide
  • Developing dynamic and diverse volunteer leadership
Strategic plan

Please note that as of June 2015 the NAA is no longer collecting dues for membership.  

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