Advent 2014

Second Saturday in Advent - December 13th

Sr 48: 1-4; 9-11 / Ps 80: 2-3; 15-16; 18-19 / Mt 17: 9-13

This passage/conversation happens immediately after the Transfiguration. Peter, James and John have just seen Moses and Elijah with Jesus, all shining in their heavenly glory. Now that it is just the four of them again, they begin to ask questions about an old prophesy about Elijah coming before the Messiah. They are taking the prophesy too literally. Jesus explains that "Elijah" has already come, meaning John the Baptist.

The disciples have just witnessed this miracle, a miraculous moment when they get a glimpse of the glory of God. Yet, the moment almost seems lost on them. Jesus must explain his purpose over and over. With the benefit of hindsight, it is easy to think that the disciples were not too smart or just not paying attention. Or perhaps they were just expecting a different kind of Messiah - an earthly ruler - which is why they didn't understand what Jesus was trying to tell them.

What will we think of our own faith today when we have the benefit of hindsight? Is there something for which we need to trust God? Are we seconding guessing a decision or direction because we don't understand God's big picture? 

Chris Kovolski
Office of the President