Advent 2016

Third Sunday in Advent - December 11th

Is 35: 1-6, 10 // Ps 146: 6-10 // Jas 5: 7-10 // Mt 11: 2-11

Today, our God is coming to us with vindication, divine recompense, and love just as it is told in Isaiah’s prediction of the coming of Christ.  Through Christ’s birth all will be restored.

In James’s reading, we are told as brothers and sisters that we must be patient, we must not complain, and we must not judge one another. Because the judgments that we make are not valid since we do not know what is in each other’s hearts. Only the true Judge can do so, since he has the ability to grant salvation.  Therefore, our duty in this season and any other season is to love and accept one another just as Christ does to us.

We must “Be strong, [and] fear not!” as Isaiah says in his reading and “Make [our] hearts firm” as James calls us to do in his reading. In this time of waiting for Christ’s arrival, there can be moments of weakness, struggles, and sin. However, no matter what, we must keep going and growing towards God to hopefully be reunited with Christ and the rest of the church’s body. We must constantly look up to heaven to never forget our purpose of loving one another in order to become more Christ like.

After all, Christ proclaimed that John the Baptist was the greatest human being born in today’s Gospel yet the least greatest in heaven is still greater than him.  Let us imagine that love in heaven and how we may bring it here amongst ourselves not only just for this season, but for all.

Jessica Alhanouch