Advent 2017

First Saturday in Advent - December 9th

Is 30: 19-26 // Ps 147: 1-6 // Mt 9: 35 / 10: 1, 6-8

Jesus said: "The kingdom of heaven is at hand." It's not in the future or after we die, and it's not a pipe dream.  It is here. Jesus is bold. Can we match his boldness, this advent? Go try it; walk in the kingdom, treat others where they are hurting, if you can. Go ahead and ask God to heal where you're hurting. The Kingdom really comes, silently, in these moments of kindness. It is really here, before it slips away again. In this pregnant expectation of Advent, notice the rhythms of life, how your own life switches between routine and kind actions. Hear the gentle nudge telling you that kindness makes you feel better, more whole, fully alive again. Slow it all down to listen. Give kindness room to grow into little, real Kingdoms of heaven. God bless.  

Carey Walsh
Theology and Religious Studies