Catholic Imagination in the Arts

This series of lectures and performances is designed to demonstrate how religious faith informs and inspires the work of writers, poets, musicians, playwrights, film makers, artists and culture in the broadest sense. Since 2001, the Office for Mission and Minsitry, in collaboration with a growing number of academic departments, has brought to campus exemplary representatives of Catholic imagination. 

Selected Programs

  • 2014 - 2015

    Spring Semester - Literature
    Why C. S. Lewis Is Still Relevant Today
    Devin Brown, Asbury University (KY)

    Fall Semester - Drama
    The Gospel of Mark: A Theatrical Performance
    Wayne Turney, DeSales University

    Fall Semester - Literature
    The Purpose and Power of Children's Literature
    Daniel McInerney, Author

  • 2012- 2013

    Fall Semester - Literature
    A Good Man Is Hard to Describe
    Helena Tomko, Villanova University

    Fall  Semester - Drama
    Spirituality, Morality and the Catholic Theatrical Imagination
    Fr. David Cregan, OSA, Villanova University

  • 2011-2012

    Spring Semester - Literature
    Finding Augustine in the Literary Magic of Harry Potter
    Greg Garrett, Baylor University

    Fall Semester - Art
    Rembrandt: The Faces of Jesus
    Victoria Conte, Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Great in Fame and Glory:
    Painting the Life of Augustine at San Gimignano in the Renaissance

    Diane Cole Ahl, Lafayette College

  • 2010 - 2011

    Spring Semester - Music
    Cappella Caeciliana
    Northern Ireland’s Premier Choral Ensemble

    Spring Semester - Drama
    Murder in the Cathedral
    Villanova Student Theatre Production

    Fall Semester - Literature
    Shouts or Whispers: Catholic Imagination in the Post Modern World?
    Gregory Wolfe, Founder & Editor of Image

    Fall Semester - Art
    Augustine in the Italian Renaissance
    Meredith Gill, University of Maryland
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