Faith and Culture Forum

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As a part of the Institute for Catholic Social Thought, the Faith & Culture Forum reflects on how faith of all varieties and culture interact, which methodological foundations guide these reflections, and how the study of faith and culture transforms our relationships with the world. The Faith & Culture Forum promotes the creation of an inclusive intellectual community of faculty and graduate students at Villanova and beyond through substantial and accessible scholarly dialogue about the interaction between faith and culture. The activities of the Forum promote both the sustained engagement with these questions through seminars that meet regularly over a period of time, and the intense, focused investigation of specific issues in the form of conferences or workshops.

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Join us for three weeks of events as we revisit and reimagine Villanova’s commitment to the virtues of unitas, veritas, and caritas, oneness, truth, and generous love: an evening of stories and poems about belonging and community (with popcorn!), an advocacy training for those committed to unity in diversity, a performance workshop with wise puppets that explore love and generosity, a filmic and musical search for truth – and much more!

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The public events are ACS approved.

Sponsored by the Office for Mission and Ministry: The Institute for Catholic Social Thought/Faith & Culture Forum, the Augustinian Institute, and The Center for Peace and Justice Education.