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As a part of the Institute for Catholic Social Thought, the Faith & Culture Forum reflects on how faith of all varieties and culture interact, which methodological foundations guide these reflections, and how the study of faith and culture transforms our relationships with the world. The Faith & Culture Forum promotes the creation of an inclusive intellectual community of faculty and graduate students at Villanova and beyond through substantial and accessible scholarly dialogue about the interaction between faith and culture. The activities of the Forum promote both the sustained engagement with these questions through seminars that meet regularly over a period of time, and the intense, focused investigation of specific issues in the form of conferences or workshops.

Film Festival

Worlds of (Un)Belief

A Villanova Film Festival

What does film have to do with theology? How do films draw on and transform religious traditions? Can we find the spiritual in the cinema? Through films and lectures, this student-friendly Villanova Film Festival will explore some of the worlds of belief and unbelief thatfilms challenge us with.

All are welcome!

Thursday March 22-23, 2018 - Complete Details

Connelly Cinema, Villanova University

Teaching Race

Compiled by Dr. Katie Grimes, Theology

The Movement for Black Lives has awakened the conscience of our nation, seeking to end the scourge of anti-black racism.  Heeding their call, in October, a group of Villanova students organized a poignant demonstration in support of Black Lives Matter.  In response to these events, the Institute for Catholic Social Thought’s Faith & Culture Forum has created a “Resource Guide for Teaching About Anti-Black Racism.”   

Mass Incarceration: These resources detail the ways in which the criminal justice system acts as a mechanism of anti-black racism.

Film: The Central Park Five

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

Michelle Alexander, “A System of Racial and Social Control”

Black Lives Matter: These resources describe the effects of anti-black violence on the interpersonal and structural levels.

“Racial Profiling on the Main Line,”

Film: 13th

Church Teaching: Cardinal George’s 2000 pastoral letter is widely recognized as one of the best magisterial documents about racism.  It provides a concise and representative overview of church teaching about the subject.

“Dwell in My Love: A Pastoral Letter on Racism,” Cardinal George of Chicago

Racial Segregation: These resources both prove the existence of residential racial segregation and show how racial segregation is the product not of free choice but of anti-black racism.

Census Maps:

“The Case for Reparations,” Ta-Nehesi Coates

White Privilege: This is the classic text for discussing white privilege.  It helps students understand, concretely, how white privilege intersects with their lives.

“Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack,” Peggy McIntosh



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