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"Catholic Social Teaching and Issues of Justice" Curriculum Development Workshop

Faculty Fellowships May 11–14, 2020

Available Fellowships: 12
Deadline for Application: March 11, 2020


To promote the incorporation of Catholic social teaching into existing course syllabi and the development of new courses with a significant Catholic social teaching component.


All full-time faculty are eligible to participate. We welcome scholars without regard to religious belief, and we particularly encourage junior faculty members and younger scholars to apply.


The Office for Mission & Ministry will sponsor a summer seminar for Villanova University faculty on “Catholic Social Teaching and Issues of Justice.” Catholic social teaching is a humanistic tradition of inquiry. It transcends our usual categories of conservative and liberal when investigating social, economic and political reality. It articulates the dignity and social nature of each person. Further, it explores how a Christian understanding of the person and society works to improve human institutions and practices. It examines the importance of values as foundational for professional life and the attainment of the common good. The vision of a consistent ethic in professional life is a work in progress. Catholic social teaching attempts to provide a foundational methodology for such a consistent ethic.


In May, daily seminars will include continental breakfast and lunch and will be followed by seminar sessions. Afternoon sessions will include discussion of course syllabi and interdisciplinary applications, with most days ending at 4:00 p.m. 


Seminars will address the overarching themes of justice, human dignity, work, solidarity and consumption. Contemporary issues, treated through the reading of the social encyclicals and related materials, will include

  • Essential Elements of Catholic Social Thought
  • Scriptural Conceptions of Justice
  • Catholic Social Thought and Economic Justice
  • Catholic Social Thought and Human Work
  • Pacem in terris and Human Rights
  • Popolorum progessio and Justice in the World
  • Catholic Relief Services and the Refugee Crisis
  • Service Learning: Scholarship for the Common Good
  • Additional topics addressing "the signs of the times"

Application Instructions

Deadline: March 11, 2020

All information, including a letter of support, must meet the deadline specified. A complete application consists of the following:

  • Typed or printed and signed application
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Letter of support from your department chair or program director
  • Statement of your interest and goals for this fellowship in relation to the topic of "Catholic Social Teaching and Issues of Justice," following these guidelines:
    • Describe your current course possibilities
    • Specify how this work draws upon Catholic (or other Christian, Jewish or Islamic) intellectual traditions
    • Explain what your wishes to achieve by participating in the seminar

Stipend: $1,000
(Based on daily participation and submission of revised syllabus)

May Workshop Resources

2019 Reading Assignments

2020 Program Schedule (canceled)


Submission Information


2020 CST Workshop Application

Send application materials to:

Office for Mission & Ministry
Faculty Curriculum Development Workshop
104 Corr Hall