Human Work

Laborem Exercens: On Human Work
John Paul II - 1981

Electronic Commentary:

Confusing End and Means: Analysis of Recent Industrial Relations Changes from the Perspective of Catholic Social Teaching

Brian Long
Australian E-Journal of Theology (February, 2006)

Work, Worship, Laborem Exercens, and the United States Today

George E. Schultze, S.J.
Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture 5.4 (2002) 25-48

Collected Commentary

Gerald Darring
Available here

Notable Quotations on Work and Workers' Rights

Office of Social Justice - Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN
Available here

Work as Key to The Social Question

The Great Social and Economic Transformations and the Subjective Dimension of Work
September 12-15, 2001 Rome & Vatican City

Human Work and Its Meanings

His Excellency The Most Reverend Anton Stres
Auxiliary Bishop, Diocese of Maribor, Slovenia
Jean Bethke Elsthain
University of Chicago (IL, USA)

On the Anthropology of Laborem Exercens

Sergio Bernal
Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome)

Back to the Person: The Anthropology of Laborem Exercens
and its Significance for the Social Question

Samuel Gregg
Acton Institute (MI, USA)

Laborem Exercens, Human Dignity, and Technological Control
in the Workplace

William S. Brown
Marist College (NY, USA)

Incidence of Laborem Exercens in Organizational Theory

Alfredo Rodríguez and Alfonso Osorio de Rebellón
Universidad de Navarra (Spain)

On Some Important Novelties of Laborem Exercens

Ferruccio Marzano
University of Rome "La Sapienza"

John Paul II and the Value Theory of Labor

Charles Clark
St. John's University (NY, USA)

Work as Creative of Persons: John Paul II’s Thomistic Personalism

Robert E. Lauder
St. John's University (NY, USA)

The Value of Work: A Catholic Critique of the U.S. Constitutional Norm

George E. Garvey
Catholic University of America (Washington, DC, USA)

Work and Social Provision for the Poor in the United States

Vincent D. Rougeau
Notre Dame Law School (IN, USA)

The Professionalization of Work

Robert Kennedy
University of St. Thomas (MN, USA)

Additional Papers Presented at the Conference

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