In the Catholic community, health and the healing ministry take on particular significance because of the Church’s involvement as provider of health care services through its various ministries and as a major purchaser of health care insurance for its employees. In the debate over health care insurance, the Bishops will continue to use as their guide the "criteria for reform" from their Framework for Comprehensive Health Care Reform.

Among the criteria for health care reform are:

♦ Respect for Life - Whether it preserves and enhances human life from conception to natural death.

♦ Priority Concern for the Poor - Whether it gives special priority to health care needs of the poor, ensuring that their health care is quality health care.

♦ Universal Access to Comprehensive Benefits - Whether it provides universal access to comprehensive benefits sufficient to maintain and promote good health.

♦ Pursuing the Common Good and Preserving Pluralism - Whether it allows and encourages the involvement of all sectors, including the religious and voluntary sectors, in all aspects of health care, ensuring respect for the ethical and religious values of consumers and providers.


Universal Health Care: A Definition
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