Photo Album - Current Scholars and Mentors

Sophomore Scholars and Faculty Mentors attend Faith and Learning Scholars program Orientation, August 30, 2016

Sophomore Scholars met their Faculty Mentors, viewed a PowerPoint presentation given by Center for Faith and Learning Founding Director Dr. Beth Hassel, PBVM, DMin, then enjoyed a light supper in and around Corr Hall Lounge and Chapel. Together with the entire faith and learning community, Faith and Learning Scholars and Mentors have the opportunity to share in a three-years long faith journey, reading and discussing four articles a year relating to the intersection of faith and reason while enjoying dinner. The 2016-2017 community includes 101 sophomore, junior and senior scholars and 65 faculty mentors from all colleges of the University.

St. Thomas of Villanova II group Orientation, August 30, 2016