CRS Internship

What is the CRS Northeast/Mid Atlantic Regional Office Internship?

Each fall the CRS Northeast/MidAtlantic Regional Office of Catholic Relief Services offers a 3 credit academic internship placement for a qualified "rising junior". The CRS regional office is located ten minutes from campus at 150 North Radnor Chester Road, in Radnor.

  • The student intern must be available to work in the CRS office 10 hours per week on regularly scheduled days and times for the entire semester.
  • The intern will assist the CRS Justice and Peace Liaison with research and presentations and materials preparation.


  • A demonstrated interest in and commitment to global justice, and peace, and global solidarity
  • Is comfortable with the language of faith
  • Excellent computer skills: ability to use WORD, EXCEL and PowerPoint
  • Works independently, is responsible and flexible
  • Strong research, writing, verbal, and organizational skills.

Important to note: Students must complete the application for the CRS internship by the deadline indicated on the application form. 

In addition, because this is a 3 credit internship awarded by the College of Arts and Sciences, students must also apply for and satisfy the College's internship requirements.

crs intern

  CRS Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Office Interns

Fall 2014 - Rodrigio Rivera
Fall 2013 - Charlie Bates
Fall, 2012 - Carolyn Rau
Fall, 2011 - Kerri Robertson
Fall, 2010 - Yolanna  DuPlessis
Fall, 2009 - Jennifer Maez, Joseph Catuzzi, Maria Zumaraga
Fall, 2008 - Beth Awalt
Fall, 2007 - Linley Kirkwood
Fall, 2006 - Elizabeth McCarthy
Spring, 2006 - Jaime Gentile

CRS International Headquarters

Summer, 2014 - Siobhan Cooney
                         Morgan Gruenewald
                         Andrew Zoeller
Fall, 2013 - Andrea Zinn
Summer, 2013 - Sarah Garwood
                          Siobhan Cooney

Summer, 2011 - Julie Ann Opt
Summer, 2007 - Amrachi Utah

CRS Overseas Internships

Summer, 2007 - Amy Knop-Narbutis (Ecuador),
                           Katrine Herrick
Summer, 2006 - Laura Hoffman (Lebanon)
Summer, 2005 - Christopher Lamar (Nicaragua)

CRS Fellow in Rwanda

Spring 2015 - Jerica Youngken



Timeline for 2015 Applications

Feb 9 - 20
Internship Advertised
Feb 23, 5 p.m.
Application Materials Due
Feb 26
Candidates Notified and Interviews Scheduled
Mar 9 - 13
Candidates Interviewed
Mar 16
Selected Candidate Notified
Mar 19, 5 p.m.
Candidate Acceptance Due