GSN for Your Classes

GSN for classes

Some faculty have asked what is expected of them and their students.  This may be helpful:

  • Some faculty devote the entire two weeks of class to the GSN issue and use selected CRS staff essays and videos, the resources on the GSN site, and student postings as the assigned "text" for reading and discussion
  • Other faculty use the GSN to supplement material they are covering during the two weeks. (Faculty select and assign GSN material appropriate for their classes)
  • Whether you are using the GSN material as a text or to supplement what you are covering, we recommend that you:  
    • determine which of the essays/videos work best for your class and assign them to students to read/view
    • require students to read and post a considered (respectful, thoughtful, critical) response to each of the CRS staff postings (and videos) you've selected. We suggest that the length of each posting to a CRS staff be approximately 12 sentences
    • require students to visit the site regularly over the two week period to read and respond to other students' postings to the CRS staff and to one another.
    • tell your students the number of student postings you  expect from them. We suggest that you ask students to respond to at least three students.  The length of each posting should be approximately 5-7 sentences.
    • devote some class time during the two week period to surface questions and generate discussion.  Some faculty devote 10-15 minutes of each class; others one or two classes, or every class during the two week period.  The amount of class time you devote is completely up to you. 
  • We have found it effective to give students a timeframe for posting their responses, e.g. post responses to the CRS staff postings 3 days after the session begins and complete responses to student postings 3 days before the live web-meeting.

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