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What is the CRS Student Ambassador program?

Through the CRS Student Ambassador program, colleges and universities form on-campus chapters of student leaders who are trained by CRS to mobilize their peers and bring to life the mission of global solidarity on campus. Chapters are connected to one another and to CRS in order to build a national movement for social change.

How does the CRS Student Ambassador program work?

CRS Student Ambassador chapters engage the campus community to act on global emergencies and injustices. Ambassadors organize awareness campaigns, prayer services, candlelight vigils, faith-sharing groups, legislative advocacy, and fundraising campaigns for global emergencies as well as participate in CRS programs such as CRS Rice Bowl, CRS Fair Trade and CRS Helping Hands. National and regional conferences and trainings are held each year to bring chapters together and form a national community of students committed to advancing global justice, peace and human dignity.

What do CRS Student Ambassador chapters do?

  • Learn about global poverty and injustice in order to educate their peers.
  • Develop leadership skills in order to mobilize the campus community to respond to global emergencies and injustice.
  • Connect faith to action in order to cultivate global discipleship.
  • Tap into CRS’ work and resources in order to gain tools to transform campus and the world.

What are the core program dimensions?

  • Leadership
    • President and Vice President
    • Core team of trained and active student ambassadors
  •  Institutional Support
    • A permanent faculty or staff advisor
    • Official club/organization OR sponsored by an office/department on campus
  •  Impact
    • At least 3 events per year
  •  Accountability

For more information, please contact CRS staff at or visit

* CRS Ambassador 2013-14 Application.docx
Interested in joining as a student ambassador? Please view the Student Ambassador Application.

Ambassador Leadership Team


  • Morgan Gruenewald

Vice President

  • Cara Mathers

Faith Formation

  • Emily Persicketti

Global Health/Migration Issue Group Coordinator

  • Kathleen O'Hora

Fair Trade/Food Security Issue Group Coordinator

  • Sajid Hossain
Interfaith Vigil
Last fall the Villanova University community filled the church to capacity in response to the urgent humanitarian crisis of Syria’s refugees. One year later the crisis in the region has escalated compounded by the spreading violence of ISIS. Today 13.6 million Syrians and Iraqis have been displaced—the equivalent of London’s population. Kim Pozniak, CRS Communications Officer for Global Emergencies, and Barbara Fraze, International Editor for the Catholic News Service, recently returned from the region and addressed the situation. Following the vigil over 200 letters written asking Congress to lend support to the refugees were delivered to Capitol Hill. Please support families with essential living supplies, safe housing, hygiene kits, medical care and trauma counseling.

Ambassador Happenings

Ambassador Happenings

CRS Student Ambassadors: Informed Action for Justice
By: Elena Giannella, Villanova Senior and Summer 2014 Peace & Justice Intern at Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities

Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Buying into Fair Trade, Ambassadors had a three person panel consisting of a sociologist, economist and a Whole Foods manager on April 29th. The overall theme was to generate a discussion revolving around creating a culture of ethical consumption and business. You Tube video

Student Advocacy

Student Advocacy

The Bread for the World National Gathering, held in Washington DC in June, was attend by three CRS Ambassadors. Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation's leaders to end hunger at home and abroad.The Ambassadors attended sessions and participated in Lobby Day to advocate on hunger issues.

Alter at Vigil

Week of Solidarity with Syria's Refugees, Ambassadors invited the university community to an interfaith Vigil on Thursday, November 7, at 5:30 p.m. in St. Thomas of Villanova church for the purpose of expressing solidarity with Syria’s refugees. Donations were collected through Text to Give and events on campus.

grass roots in advocacy

Grass Roots Advocacy in Action

image of 2008 Legislative Advocacy Report
2008 Legislative Advocacy Report