Center for Worship & Spirituality

Center for Worship & Spirituality

St. Augustine urged his followers to search for God together, one in mind and heart. In that same spirit, the Center for Worship & Spirituality at Villanova University provides opportunities for individuals to encounter God in their relationships with self, others and the world community.

The Center for Worship & Spirituality:

  • Coordinates all liturgical celebrations for the Villanova University community
  • Reverences the spiritual journey of all peoples
  • Supports individuals to accept and channel their restlessness into positive and constructive expressions of community
  • Accompanies restless hearts as they encounter, alone and with others, someone greater than self
  • Fosters the Augustinian understanding of interiority as a discovery of self and the ever present God within whose image and likeness the human person has been made
  • Invites all to experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ and share stories of faith through conversation, worship, prayer, and service

We seek to meet each person wherever they are on their journey—in life and in faith. As we take time to search for meaning in our lives it feels good to gather together and support each other. We live in a rushed world of too much noise, activity and responsibility. We don’t have the time, space or even “know how” to listen to the deepest parts of ourselves. In this world of growing speed, complexity and quick action, it is easy to lose touch with the wisdom of God deep within each of us. We invite you to deepen your spirituality and to find support in making decisions thoughtfully and wisely. We offer this through prayer practice sessions, retreats, small group sharing opportunities, religious fellowships, interfaith gatherings and education around making life choices.

We invite you into a space where you are encouraged to pause and reflect on your life. Developing a life of interiority, which Augustine prized so highly, can allow us to live our lives more consciously and develop a discerning ear toward the voice of God within. We know that we all live with our own restlessness, and yet together we can channel our restless energy into positive and constructive expressions of community.  We offer students, staff and faculty a safe and trusting environment where prayer can be practiced and stories of faith can be shared. We reverence the life journeys of all and believe that it is the mind and heart open to ourselves and others that finds God. In our search for God together we find friends who can be with us as we struggle for meaning and growth. All of us long for peace and joy. It is when we take note of the ups and downs of our life experiences and hear the stories of others that we can discover what peace and joy means for us personally. Sometimes we need to develop a daily awareness and sometimes we need to get away into nature and clear out our minds enough to truly listen. Sometimes it is about listening to the heart of another and letting that heart and mind touch our own. We want to meet you wherever you are. Bring your questions and your truths. There is room for both. Add some friendship and discussions and in all this we find our way.


Campus Ministry Events

Applications are now being accepted for the 2015-2016 academic year. 

Pastoral Musicians Application

Liturgical Ministry Application 
(for new and returning Liturgical Ministers)

Liturgical Council Application                                                               (for returning Liturgical Ministers interested in serving on Liturgical Council)

Caritas Application


What do I want to be?
What do I want to do with my life?

These are questions we all ask ourselves, especially during our college years, as we choose majors and, sometimes, switch majors. However, behind these questions is one much deeper:
Who do I want to be?

We are all called by God to live authentically. By virtue of our baptism, we are called to follow Christ every day of our lives. Most of us are called to be married, some to remain single, and still others of us are called to the religious life and priesthood. How is it that we come to know what God desires for us? This is at the heart of vocation discernment. As a Catholic university in the Augustinian tradition, Villanova seeks to help its students to discover how God is calling them in life.

If you wonder what life might be like as An Augustinian friar, or you are just curious about religious life, priesthood, or ministry in the Church, see Fr. Tom McCarthy, OSA, in the Vocation office and go to

For more information on vocations to ministry in the Church, go to