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Villanova Neighborhood Donation Drive

A woman carrying boxed and bagged donations into a truck

Thank you for your interest in our donation drive! The majority of our community partners need donations to support their organizations, especially while we cannot serve in person. 

If you plan to donate items on your assigned pickup day, we encourage you to fill out a brief form. This will ensure that we pick up your donation and can contact you in the case of inclement weather. For any questions, please email Villanova COV. 

There was an error on some of the flyers that went out. For clarification on what date we will be picking up in your neighborhood please see the information below. We will pick up between 5 pm and 7 pm on each date!

  • Route 1 Pick-Up: 10/19/20
    • Thornbrook Ave, Ivymont Rd, Wyndon Ave, Wakefield Rd, Ashbridge Rd, Beech Rd
  • Route 2 Pick-Up: 10/21/20
    • Clairemont Rd, N Stone Ridge Ln, Saybrook Road, Stone Ridge Lane, Rock Road
  • Route 3 Pick-Up: 10/26/20
    • Barclay Rd, Rolling Rd, Boxwood Rd
  • Route 4 Pick-Up: 10/28/20
    • Rockingham Rd, Lewis Ln, Wentworth Ln, Williams Rd, Bailey Rd

Learn about the organizations your donations are supporting. 

Located in Suburban Station, The Hub of Hope offers a safe place where people experiencing homelessness can enjoy a warm cup of coffee, take a shower and wash laundry, seek medical care, and speak to case managers to begin the process of finding a permanent home. 

Supplies needed:

Travel-size toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.)
Men’s and women’s underwear and socks
Individually packaged snacks (granola bars, chips, crackers, etc.)

The Upper Darby Community Outreach Corporation provides affordable, education-based programs and opportunities to community members of all ages. To provide further assistance to their community during the pandemic, they are offering free meals every Tuesday and Thursday.

Nonperishable food needs (including but not limited to):

Canned goods

Puentes de Salud partners with Philadelphia’s rapidly growing Latinx immigrant community to build long-term prosperity by addressing immediate education, and health and social service needs. It also aims to create a responsible learning environment for future generations of advocates, educators and health care providers.

Supplies needed:




The mission of the University City Hospitality Coalition is to provide holistic support to the hungry in the Philadelphia community; encourage respect and cooperation among its guests and volunteers; and involve guests in significant roles such as maintaining order and helping with cleanup.

Supplies needed:

Men’s underwear and undershirts

St. Francis Inn Soup Kitchen is a welcoming community grounded in care and respect for every person’s human dignity. Its goal is to meet the immediate daily needs of the people it serves with food, clothing and hospitality.

Supplies needed:

Individually packaged snacks (cookies, applesauce, juice, etc.)
Travel-size toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.)
Men’s and women’s underwear (particularly boxers) and socks