Post-Grad Volunteer Opportunities

JVC 2019-2020


Serving in a post-graduate volunteer program after Villanova can be a meaningful way to serve in marginalized communities and engage questions of social justice and solidarity.

There are over 200 secular and faith-based service organizations to choose from, so we recommend spending time researching and speaking with friends and mentors about your desire for service.

Why have hundreds of Villanova graduates chosen to dedicate a year (or two!) of their lives after graduation to service? Some of the many reasons why students feel a call to service include:

  • Experience during college on a Service and Justice Experience, COV, RUIBAL, MLK Day of Service or St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service
  • Openness to encountering different cultures
  • Desire to live out their faith
  • Desire to live in a community
  • Willingness to place oneself at the margins of society
  • Recognition of benefits (graduate student scholarships, real-life experience in a supportive setting, travel)

Service areas, benefits, housing accommodations, and loan deferment, and a variety of other benefits are different for every program. Curious about this process and what a year of service could look like for you? Would meeting with a former volunteer or missioner help you in the process? Contact Kate Giancatarino

Post-Grad Service Commissioning

In order to celebrate and honor your decision to serve after graduation, you and your family will be invited to the Post-Graduate Service Commissioning Prayer Service during graduation weekend. The Commissioning Prayer Service will last about 30 minutes with refreshments for the reception afterwards.

In light of the mission of Villanova, for your true spirit of Caritas, we want to congratulate you on your choice to be a person for others. Cords will be distributed.  Please let Kate Giancatarino when you decide what program you will serve with and she will make sure you receive an invitation.