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Post Graduate Service Opportunities


Serving in a post-graduate volunteer program after Villanova can be a meaningful way to serve in marginalized communities and engage questions of social justice and solidarity.

There are over 200 secular and faith-based service organizations to choose from, so we recommend spending time researching and speaking with friends and mentors about your desire for service.

For assistance with your discernment Process, reach out to:

Kate Giancatarino
Director of Service & Social Justice (610) 519-6285

Save the date!

Post Graduate Service Fair 2021

Monday, November 15, 5-7 PM
Villanova Room
Registration will be available in late August

Below you will find the list of those who have committed to a year or more of service some are continuing from last year and others are beginning this summer or fall. We wish you well and send you forth with blessings of love.

Student photo of Molly Bonini

Molly Bonini '20

Alliance for Catholic Education

St. Paul, MN

Student photo of Madelyn Dyer

Madelyn Dyer '20

Alliance for Catholic Education

Pensacola, FL

Student photo of Ryan Harkin

Ryan Harkin '20

Alliance for Catholic Education

Los Angeles, CA

Student photo of Cassie O'Hara

Cassie O'Hara '20

Teach for America

Oakland, CA

Student photo of Kaylan Purisima

Kaylan Purisima '21

Teach for America

Charlotte, NC

Student photo of Megan Sicord

Megan Sicord '21

Augustinian Volunteers

San Diego, CA

Student photo of Catherine Viola

Catherine Viola '17

Alliance for Catholic Education

Chicago, IL

Student photo of Ryan Crenny

Ryan Crenny '21

Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Detroit, MI

Student photo of Spencer Gold

Spencer Gold '21

VESL - Windaid

Trujillo, Peru

Student photo of Grace May

Grace May '21

City Year

Chicago, IL

Student photo of Karen McGuire

Karen McGuire '21

City Year

Columbus, OH

Student photo of Ally Porizio

Allison Porzio '21

Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Twin Cities, MN

Student photo of Madalyn Sullivan

Madalyn Sullivan '21

Red Cloud Indian School
Pine Ridge, SD

Student photo of Christina Dietzler

Christina Dietzler '20

The Echo Graduate Service Program

Layfayette, IN

Student photo of John Greene

John Greene '21

Augustinian Associate

Tulsa, OK

Student photo of Michelle Mendez-Castro

Michelle Mendez-Castro '21

Teach for America

Greater Boston Area

Student photo of Kayleigh Purcell

Kayleigh Purcell '21

Alliance for Catholic Education

Twin Cities, MN

Student photo of Jessica Sardina

Jessica Sardina '21



Student photo of Hannnah Rao

Hannah Rao '20

The Echo Graduate Service Program

Indianapolis, IN

Student photo of Giulianna Vullo

Giulianna Vullo '21

Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Cleveland, OH

Why have hundreds of Villanova graduates chosen to dedicate a year (or two!) of their lives after graduation to service? Some of the many reasons why students feel a call to service include:

  • Experience during college on a Service and Justice Experience, COV, RUIBAL, MLK Day of Service or St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service
  • Openness to encountering different cultures
  • Desire to live out their faith
  • Desire to live in a community
  • Willingness to place oneself at the margins of society
  • Recognition of benefits (graduate student scholarships, real-life experience in a supportive setting, travel)

Service areas, benefits, housing accommodations, and loan deferment, and a variety of other benefits are different for every program. Curious about this process and what a year of service could look like for you? Would meeting with a former volunteer or missioner help you in the process? 

If you, a student you work with, a friend, or anyone you know is considering post graduate service, please reach out to Kate Giancatarino or complete this form.

These are some photos from our Fall Post Graduate Service Fair, 2019