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SJE Roles

Service and Justice Experiences provide opportunities for students, faculty, staff and alumni to serve locally, around the United States, and abroad during university breaks.

Exmore 2018

Program Director

Ed Sloane
[610] 519–6285 | St. Rita Hall B02


Student Participants in the SJE program:

Serve with people and partner organizations who work every day to improve the lives of impoverished and marginalized people in their own communities

Build community within their groups and begin to develop relationships with the people with whom Villanova partners

Complement class work with first hand experiences of life at the margins of society and exposure to the knowledge and insights of people they encounter

Explore their spirituality and develop a deeper relationship with God while living out the Gospel value

Examine issues of injustice and develop a life-long commitment to working for the Common Good.


Advisors are faculty, staff, and alumni, of Villanova who:

Participate in group activities before, during, and after the service break week to become a part of this unique community.

Are responsible for responding to emergencies and other serious matters during the experience.

Insure that University policies and protocols are followed.

Work as a team with the student leaders in planning the experiences and the formation and reflective times of the group. 

Engage in the entire experience and have a tremendous time doing so!

If you are interested in being an advisor, please complete an interest form.

Student Leaders

Service and Justice Experience Student Leaders are Juniors or Seniors who have participated in at least one SJE and want to enter deeper into the experience and lead their peers by:

Establishing and maintaining contact with their site to confirm details related to accommodations, schedule, meals, etc.

Selecting group members.

Working as a team with their advisor(s) in planning the experiences and the formation and reflective times of the group.

Engaging fully in the experience, learning from their group and the community they encounter, and taking this experience with them in their future endeavors.

Having fun doing so!



Advisory Council

The SJE Advisory Council is a newly forming group of students, faculty, staff and alumni who gather to examine the SJE program.  They will work together to ensure that the program is evolving with the times and is effectively serving the student population as well as our community partners.

If you are interested in being a part of the advisory council, contact Ed:


Links to these revised documents are coming soon:
  • SJE Payment Portal
  • Participant Application
  • Student Leader Application
  • Adult Advisor Application