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Get Real: Faith Sharing Communities

Small group of young adults with the words "Get Real"

Step Back and Slow Down

Come meet with fellow students in a small-group setting to talk about the everyday challenges of student life, including relationships, decision making, faith and spirituality. These groups provide a trusted space for honest conversation. Discover that we all share similar questions and concerns. Through discussions, we help each other grow.

  • Meet with a group of 6-8 students for one hour each week
  • Build a trusted space for honest and thoughtful conversation 
  • Share faith and search for meaning together
  • Offer an open and supportive community
All groups will begin meeting virtually. Complete the registration form to get more information and Zoom links from the facilitators.


8-9PM (for student who have attended a Search retreat), contact Victoria Riccelli.

9:30–10:30PM, contact Jack Serio.


9-10PM, contact Kelly Ewanich.


9–10PM, contact Grace Roberto.


8-9PM, contact Anthony Bibbo.

9-10PM (for graduate and law students), contact Christopher Neyhart.

For more information, please contact Brian McCabe.