Small Group Sharing Opportunities

Small Groups

Step Back & Slow Down

Come meet with fellow students in a small group setting to talk about the everyday challenges of student life, including relationships, decision making, identity, spirituality, and the future. These groups provide a trusted space for honest conversation. Discover that we all share similar questions and concerns. And through discussions help each other grow.

  • Meet with a small group of 6-8 students for one hour each week
  • Build a trusted space for honest and thoughtful conversation 
  • Create awareness together
  • Search for meaning
  • Offer an open and supportive community

Available Groups

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Get Real is an open, inviting space to come together with other first or second year students looking to connect on a deeper level. The Campus Ministry Interns will facilitate this weekly gathering in their residence hall rooms or in the lounge of a neighboring hall.


9–10PM, Stanford 539 "Relax and Reflect," contact Heather Huguet.

9–10PM, St. Katharine 2nd Floor Lounge contact Stephen Forster.

9–10PM, St. Rita Hall Community Room "Music and Worship," contact Andrew Goyer.


9–10PM, St. Monica 2nd Floor Lounge, contact Lindsey Chou.


9–10PM, Stanford 439 "Health and Wellness," contact Stephanie Gonzalez.

9–10PM, Standford Hall 239, contact Jonathan Jerome.

9–10PM, Good Counsel 243, contact Natalie Kathol.

9–10PM, Moriarty 008 "Tea Time," contact Jimson Mathew.