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Thank you Seniors

We want to send our heartfelt congratulations to the entire Class of 2020 for all you have accomplished during your time at Villanova. We recognize that each student group has a unique set of activities and goals and we appreciate the graduating seniors that have guided these groups throughout the years.


Local Service

Group photo of local service leaders

Our Local Service Volunteers have been an inspiration to us all. There are too many outstanding seniors to highlight every person, but we’d like to lift up the following seniors in particular who served as COV Leaders and volunteers throughout their senior year in addition to multiple semesters of service prior to senior year. The large majority of these incredible volunteers have served weekly throughout almost every semester of their four years at Villanova.  We are so grateful for each of them and their dedication to those they served. Below are their names and the site(s) they dedicated so much of their time to (a few went to the same site every week since freshman year!). Check out the picture above for a throwback to RUIBAL Leader training for many of these seniors at the beginning of their sophomore year!

  • Kate Costanza: LaSalle Academy, ADROP, and Centro San Jose
  • Harmeet Deol: St. I’s / OMS School, Holy Family Nursing Home, Providence Center, and Families Forward
  • Mary Fritz: North Light Community Center in addition to RUIBAL Chair
  • Aoife Gilvarry: St. I’s / OMS School, St. Barnabas, and Families Forward
  • Audrey Hamilton: St. Rose of Lima School
  • Ryan Harkin: North Light Community Center and Caritas 
  • Mckenna Jones: Holy Family Nursing Home and Caritas 
  • Meaghan LaSorsa: North Light and Northern Children’s Services
  • Leanna Marciano: St. I’s / OMS School, Centro San Jose, and Aquinas Center
  • Thomas Meyer: St. I’s / OMS School, Centro San Jose, and Aquinas Center
  • Maya McPherson: North Light Community Center and St. Francis Inn
  • Colleen Sharp: St. Ignatius of Loyola / OMS School
  • Allyson Smith: St. I’s / OMS School, created and led the SciTime program at St. I’s and St. Frances in addition to RUIBAL Chair junior year
  • Bridget Ryan: North Light, St. I’s School, and Centro San Jose in addition to RUIBAL Chair junior year and COV Core senior year

Habitat for Humanity

Photo of Habitat for Humanity student leaders on work site

Francesca Laskera and Allyson Bayless have been Co-presidents of the Villanova University Chapter of Habitat for Humanity for two years! Their tireless dedication has lead H4H to create a tradition of creative fundraisers for the local chapters and of course organize trips to the build sites and ReStores! Thank you for all you have done!

Service & Justice Experiences

Collage of SJE leaders

Dearest SJE Senior Leaders,

As you prepare to graduate in such uncertain times and unique circumstances, I wanted to take a special opportunity to lift-up the gift that is each of you. Even though the photo collage can’t hold each of you—there is too much love to share—please know each of you has had a special impact on me. I am sorry we can’t celebrate you in person and that I can’t individually acknowledge the gifts that make each of you unique. Nevertheless, this opportunity to create new rituals for these unique times is itself a blessing. Through your willingness to act as leaders in the Service and Justice Experiences Program, you have served our campus community in a special way, modelling and mentoring for our whole Villanova community what it means to commit ourselves, individually and institutionally, to a life patterned by a commitment to social justice. I hope that all of you have learned from the community partners that you encountered in the many places you served and learned. I thank you for the ways in which you have blessed the lives of these communities through your willingness to open your hearts to their stories, and I hope that you carry these experiences and commitments to justice into the next stages of your vocational journey. Thank you for letting me and our community partners be a part of your own story. In the coming weeks, as you find ways to share memories and celebrate this milestone with family and friends, near and far, let me join in the chorus and thank each of you:

Peace to you all and God bless!

Cara Mastrangelo

John Ragnoni

Katherine DeNicola

James Lorenz

Gianna Dolan

Harrison Blackall

Kyle DeMerlis

Shea Blake

Devan Joshi

Samantha Hourican

Sheila Lyons

Fiona Corkhill

Katherine McMahon

Becca Gleason

Pablo Sanchez

Christian Keale

Frances Steadman

Nell Guarino

Shannon Foley

Kelly Haggerty

Michael Kriesel

Caitlin Decker

Grace Smith

Michelle Kimura

Mallory Arthurs

McKenna Jones

Hannah McCabe

Lynne Kelley

Maya McPherson

Rachel Woodlock

Liturgical Ministry

We’re so grateful to our Senior Liturgical Council Members (Matt Dinehart, Carolyn Recupero, Patrick Gatcliffe, Emily Rethlake, Hannah Weiss, Jacob Huber, Konrad Bayer, and Katie Fydenkevez)!

We also offer heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to all senior liturgical ministers and hope to be able to welcome everyone back to celebrate mass together as soon as we can!

Pastoral Musicians


Stephen Giannella


Madeline McQuillan
Executive Board Advisor


Shelby Gallen
Vice President


Marie Skaf
Executive Board Advisor


Ava Roberts
Instrumental Coordinator

"At the core of [the Pastoral Musician's] mission is to love and serve God through song and prayer (thus ‘gathering in God’s name’), leading and inspiring others to do the same. This care, unity, and love between members to which I keep referring comes as a result of this Gathering. God is in these qualities and God is these qualities. I view all of this as almost indescribably cyclical in nature, where gathering in God’s name creates this care, unity, and love between the group’s members, and these qualities further create a need and a drive to gather in God’s name.

As I’ve witnessed for years from the outside and as I’ve experienced from within the group, these qualities remain constant. For years as I’ve seen members, directors, presidents, and pieces come and go, I can tell that ‘God’ in the Villanova Pastoral Musicians never waivers. This is why when I reflect on my time with this group as it has come and will soon be gone, I most often don’t feel sad. Instead I feel incredibly lucky and grateful that through Pastorals I have been able to make lifelong friends, embark on amazing adventures, create my happiest memories, sing and play beautiful music, and experience God." - Stephen Giannella, Pastoral Musicians President



Campus Ministry works with many faith-related student organizations that nurture countless students in their faith journeys throughout the year. We want to honor and celebrate the graduating seniors who have been leaders in those organizations. Thank you for your dedication and ministry!

Antioch Bible Fellowship: David Ahn

Common Ground: Deborah Alvarenga, Aileen Bancroft, Ryan Henderson, Reed Watkins

Grace Covenant Church; Salt & Light: Elizabeth Cho, Joanne Hwangbo

Interfaith Coalition: Rachael Huegerich

Intervarsity: Hannah Rao

Hillel: Jonathan Rosen

Renewal College Fellowship: Gyuri Lee

Young Life: Ryan Borchardt

Peer Ministry

Peer Ministers 2020

Each year Campus Ministry benefits from the gifts of our senior who take on formal and informal leadership roles. Through hard work and sharing of themselves, these students create opportunities to encounter big questions, other students, and God.

In a special way we are indebted to our graduating Peer Ministers who are some of the original members. You have made this growing community what it is today, and all of us in Campus Ministry are so grateful.  You have given of your time, your space, your many talents, and your love to welcome others, ask hard questions, and do the work of building a vision of a more inclusive community.We congratulate you and your loved one during very special time and look forward to celebrating in the days and years to come!

 Peace and gratitude.



Gracie Smith (Head Team), Tobi Oliveira (Head Team), Tommy KennedyJoanna Lucas, and Caitlyn Sarles. These senior Search 60 Retreat leaders didn’t have the opportunity to lead the full retreat, which was originally scheduled for April 17-19. However, with renewed energy and desire to create a virtual space for community and sharing, they provided several opportunities for peers to come together in the spirit of the Search Retreat. In April, during the weekend when the Search Retreat would have happened, these five seniors (with the five junior leaders) led an Online Agape Prayer Service and Sharing over Zoom. In the following weeks, Caitlyn organized a daily email for members of the Search community with letters and songs from past Searchers. Then this weekend, Gracie, Tobi, Tommy, Joanna, and Caitlyn led a Search Renewal event with reflections, journal time, small group sharing, prayer, and even a Kahoot! Search Trivia Game. Thank you to these very special students who found ways to creatively #SearchTogether, despite physical distance. Congratulations and Thank you for your servant leadership!


Thank you to all of the leaders of the First Year Escape, Camping and Canoeing, Connections, Search, One Day Hiking, and Encounter Retreats throughout the past four years. Thank you for holding space for encountering God, self, and others and embodying servant leadership. We congratulate and honor you as you go forth to build community wherever you may find yourselves next.

Alysia Donohue

Brad de Jesus

Caitlyn Sarles

Chris Deucher

Cindy Rene

Claire Thompson

Colleen Campbell

Eileen Gaffney

Elizabeth Pace

Emily Spahn

Emma Mulhall

Grant Hougo

Hannah Weiss

Isabel Forward

Jack Brenner

Joanna Lucas

Joelle Schauer

Kate Walters

Katie Riley

Kyle Bangug

Mackenzie Jorgensen

Maddie Dyer

Madison Barella

Mary Kate Shea

Matt Dinehart

Maura Rose

Morgan Micari

Nathan Brown

Renee Turner

Ryan Mastromarino

Sam Hourican

Sam Moccia

Sam Palazzolo

Shlok Kaneria

Tobi Oliveira

Tommy Kennedy

Victor Rodriguez

Zbynek Gold

Group picture of students from Senior Retreat 2020