Call for Papers

Announcement and Call for Papers:

The Patristic, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies Conference (PMR)
at Villanova University
invites you to participate in its
41th  International  PMR Conference

October 14-16, 2016

As always, the PMR makes an OPEN CALL to scholars, institutions, and societies to propose  Papers,  Panels,  or Sponsored Sessions in all areas and topics in late antiquity/patristics, Byzantine Studies,  Medieval Studies, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, and Renaissance & Reformation Studies.

The PMR committee this year makes a special invitation to scholars from all disciplines in these fields to address our plenary theme:

A Matter of Devotion: Matter and Spirit in Theory and Practice

One of the great transformations in our fields of study in the last generation has been the overturning of facile assumptions about “body-soul dualism” in the pre-modern worlds we study. We have very different senses of body, matter, materiality, the “stuff” of life, and very different senses of the intellectual legacy of Plato and Hellenistic philosophy for the metaphysics of creation, of sacrament, of divine presence.  Our plenary theme this year will invite us to take a fresh look at the “matter” of devotion—of the social, cultural, and spiritual significance of devotional objects; of the philosophical and theological exploration of spirit and matter in relation to sacrament, embodiment, and even resurrection.   Our plenary theme allows us the opportunity to see how ‘earth’s crammed with heaven’ in our pre-modern worlds, and think about what that might mean.  Proposals that consider Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance/Reformation/Early Modern eras, Byzantium, Islam, and medieval/early modern Jewish thought and culture with these themes in mind are most welcome to share in our plenary conversation.  


Caroline Walker Bynum
Professor Emerita, Institute for Advanced Study
University Professor Emerita, Columbia University 


Catherine Kavanagh
Senior Lecturer, Mary Immaculate College
Limerick, Ireland


Deadline for submissions: June 1, 2016 

Notice of acceptance will be made by: July 1, 2016

Send all abstracts and panel proposals to:

PMR Conference c/o Anna Misticoni
The Augustinian Institute
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085-1699

OR as a Word or WordPerfect attachment to: