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Comments by Bishop Paul Tighe, Adjunct Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Culture


Bishop Tighe
Photo Credit: John Welsh, Villanova University.

"The Sport at the Service of Humanity conference at Villanova was a very important moment in the development of the global initiative which was launched at the Vatican last fall. The conference in Rome sought to identify a number of guiding principles which would serve to inspire people of faith and people of goodwill to work together to ensure that sport continues to contribute to the good of all. The Villanova conference focused on faith in intercollegiate athletics, and brought these principles to the attention of people who are involved in this important arena. It was great to have the reaction of these people to the principles, which had been enunciated in Rome. And it was particularly helpful to learn about the practical considerations that challenge those who are committed to upholding such values."

"The conference at Villanova drew attention to the importance of the virtues. The discussion around virtues helped to ground our reflections in the universal values which should inspire all those who are concerned for the well-being of sport."

"It's very important to remember that the virtues will only flourish where they are supported by institutions and by the more general culture of sport. It was very edifying to observe the commitment among the participants, and the institutions they represented, to promoting the highest standards of fair play and integrity in the area of sport, even if at times these values do not necessarily lead to instant results and success."