Middle States Institutional Self-Study Timeline

The significant events and planned completion dates of the Middle States Institutional Self-Study are outlined in the following table.  Please check this timeline often as additional significant events could be added later.

Date Action
November 10-11, 2008
Villanova representatives attend Middle States Self-Study Institute
Through January 2009 Alternative Models Assessed/Discussed with President and Cabinet
January 13, 2009 Comprehensive Model Selected for Self-Study
By March 9, 2009 Working Group Chairs Briefed on Writing Study Questions
By March 16, 2009 All Steering Committee Members Enlisted
By March 25, 2009 Candidates for Working Group Members Submitted to Steering Co-Chairs
March 27, 2009 Draft Study Questions Submitted by Working Group Chairs/Vice Chairs to Steering Committee Co-Chairs for Review
April 2, 2009 Draft Study Design Sent to Steering Committee for Review
April 10, 2009 Email letter from President to Villanova Community Announcing Self-Study and Inviting Community to meet Middle States Liaison on April 23
April 13, 2009 Self-Study Design sent to Middle States Liaison
April 14, 2009 Steering Committee Meets with President/Design Review
April 14, 2009 Design/Study questions approved by Steering Committee/President
April 15, 2009 Document Electronic Library On-Line
April 23, 2009 Middle States Association Liaison Visits Villanova
Ongoing Community Kept Informed of Progress
May 14, 2009 Working Group Membership Finalized
By May 15, 2009 Final Self-Study Document Sent to Middle States Association Liaison for Approval
By May 25, 2009 Self-Study Web Site Active
Ongoing Steering Committee Meets Every Two Months during AY to Oversee Process
May 2009 Working Groups Begin Work
Spring 2010 Middle States selects visiting evaluation team chair/Villanova approves
Spring 2010 Visiting team chair & Villanova select dates for chair preliminary visit and for the visiting evaluation team visit
May 2010 Working Groups Submit Self-Study Draft Reports
June 2010 Steering Committee Reviews Working Group Draft Reports
August 2010 Working Groups Revise Draft Reports as Needed
September 2010 Central Editing Team Composes Full Self-Study Report