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VSB Student’s Innovative Start-Up Streamlines Recycling and Waste Management

VSB Student’s Innovative Start-Up Streamlines Recycling and Waste Management

A senior in the Villanova School of Business (VSB), Charlie Dolan is the co-founder of an innovative start-up company, Sequoia Waste Solutions, focused on saving small businesses money through “hyper-local recycling and waste management.” Dolan started the business with help from Villanova’s Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE Center), an on-campus resource that supports student entrepreneurs in developing ideas into innovative business models, and moving business models into operation. Now two years in, the company Dolan has run through the comfort of his residence hall has 175 clients totaling 300 locations across 12 states.

The services offered by Sequoia Waste Solutions allow companies to reduce operating expenses, implement recycling programs, and save money through waste and recycling, and reuse initiatives. Its streamlined process picks up trash, waste and metal from small businesses and diverts recyclable materials to local recyclers, minimizing the amount of waste hauled to landfills.

Dolan specializes in the technology side of the business. He created an online portal to sign up users via iPad and he organizes data on hauling fees and revenue intake. Dolan, and partners Graham Rihn and Brian Dolan (his brother who manages sales), oversee an 11-man operation.

To learn more about Charlie Dolan’s story, check out the Sept. 3 feature from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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