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Bloomberg BusinessWeek Ranks Villanova University #25 in the U.S. for Value

The return on investment for a Villanova undergraduate education places 25th among more than 550 universities nationwide

Villanova, Pa., July 9, 2010 – In a ranking that drew from the pay reports of 1.4 million graduates from U.S. colleges and covered a 30-year earning span, Villanova University was ranked among the best schools in the nation for the return on investment (ROI) it provides to its students.

As American families continue to weigh college decisions under economic pressure, Bloomberg BusinessWeek designed this new ranking to provide ROI information which enables students and parents to consider the budgetary value—or relative financial payback—of various undergraduate options.

Each school’s performance in the ranking was primarily driven by a figure called the “30-year net ROI.” This return for Villanovans exceeded $1.13 million, making Villanova one of the highest-return colleges in the US. Describing the 30-year net ROI figure, Bloomberg BusinessWeek stated, “In a very real sense, this is what a college degree from each institution is ‘worth’ in dollars and cents. Some schools are bargains, other schools less so—and not always the ones you would think.”

Schools were also given an “annualized ROI” score, which represented the ratio of financial gain from a college degree to the cost of the degree. Villanova’s annualized ROI of 11.4% not only beat the S&P 500; it topped the rates of many other high-visibility schools including Columbia, Brown, and Cornell Universities and Catholic peers including Georgetown University and Boston College.

“As a mission-focused, Catholic and Augustinian university, we do not measure the success of our students according to dollar amounts,” said the Reverend Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A., Villanova University President. “At the same time, we are extremely sensitive to the financial burden that a private college education places upon our students and their families. We are therefore pleased to see this affirmation of Villanova’s value in a monetary sense, and of our optimal utilization of resources to directly benefit our students.”

Villanova University, a co-educational Roman Catholic institution, was founded by the Order of Saint Augustine in 1842. The oldest and largest Catholic university in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Villanova provides a comprehensive education rooted in the liberal arts; a shared commitment to the Augustinian ideals of truth, unity, and love; and a community dedicated to service to others. A wide variety of degree programs are offered through the university’s four undergraduate colleges: the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Villanova School of Business, the College of Engineering, and the College of Nursing.