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Villanova University Harnesses the Power of Roam Secure Alert Network for Emergency Notification

RSAN Notifies University Community Instantly via Text, and Can Tap Into Five County Area Emergency Information Exchange

Arlington, VA August 14, 2007 - Roam Secure, Inc. today, announced Villanova University purchased and deployed the Roam Secure Alert Network (RSAN™). Nova Alert ( will enable campus public safety and university officials, to send targeted alerts to its 10,000 students and faculty members. Parents of Villanova students can also sign up for the system, and receive real-time information during a major emergency or a routine incident.

Villanova University sits on more than 254 acres, and spans 60 buildings. With RSAN and advanced GIS mapping capabilities, the entire campus, or targeted areas both on and off campus can be notified in seconds. The system is capable of reaching any text-enabled device including cell phones, pagers, e-mail, Blackberry, instant messaging and other communication media. The system also provides two-way messaging capabilities. All messages are stored and presented in the web-based application via the AlertTracker or to the field via a mobile device, creating an easy to view alert summary and audit trail.

"The Roam Secure Alert Network gives Villanova University the ability to instantly communicate emergency information to our on and off campus constituents,” said Stephen Fugale, Villanova University’s Chief Information Officer. “Even before the Virginia Tech tragedy, Villanova had been researching text messaging systems in an effort to expand our communications platforms for students, parents, faculty, and staff. We chose Roam Secure based on their superior technology, streamlined implementation plan, and the ability to tie the system into other RSAN systems across the greater Philadelphia area.”

Roam Secure supports more than 130 RSAN systems across the country at local, state and federal government agencies, schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, airports, refineries and other key businesses for routine and emergency communication. The Roam Secure Information Exchange (RSIX) enables Villanova University to securely connect with other RSAN systems in five major metropolitan areas, including the City of Philadelphia and five county surrounding area. Using RSIX, Villanova’s alerting and information sharing system can also share information with other RSAN systems across the country in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Colorado and California. Each Roam Secure customer can join the growing national emergency information exchange and share unlimited private and public all hazards emergency information regionally, statewide and nationally at no extra charge.

“Villanova University chose to join the RSAN platform deployed across the City of Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Bucks, Montgomery and Gloucester Counties in the region. This gives the University the leading and proven text-based alerting technology, and a truly interoperable emergency information sharing system that serves the students, faculty, parents, and campus security at Villanova University,” said David Drescher, CEO of Roam Secure. ”We welcome Villanova to the growing base of higher education customers to be part of the Roam Secure Alert Network and the national emergency information sharing exchange."

About Villanova University

Villanova University is a co-educational Roman Catholic institution that welcomes students of all faiths. Villanova was founded in 1842 by the friars of the Order of St. Augustine and offers a wide variety of degree programs through four main colleges – the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Villanova School of Business, the College of Engineering, and the College of Nursing – and a School of Law.

About Roam Secure

Every day tens of thousands of government leaders, first responders, employees, volunteers, students and citizens in cities, counties, the federal government, colleges and universities and key businesses rely on Roam Secure’s Network (RSAN™), and RSIX. To learn more about RSAN and/or request a demo of Roam Secure’s solutions, please visit or speak with us via phone at 703.294.6768 x250 or 877.459.RSAN (7726).