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From Students to Confident Counselors

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In Villanova Law’s Clinic for Law and Entrepreneurship, students are undertaking the vital legal work necessary to launch, operate and grow sustainable businesses. For Evan Busteed ’16 and Amanda Garger ’16, that meant advising Just Bloomed—an entrepreneurial company that designs activewear shirts for nursing mothers—on trademark protection for the company’s brand and logo.

“I understood the gravity of advising a small business that depends on you, but my client knew that I was prepared and took my counsel seriously,” said Busteed. “I truly enjoyed my experience working with Just Bloomed; the people and the company are fantastic.”

The Clinic for Law and Entrepreneurship, one of seven in-house clinics at Villanova Law,  provides pro bono legal representation to entrepreneurs, small businesses and social ventures. Acting as lead counsel to their clients, Busteed and Garger were responsible for providing Just Bloomed with options and guidance that the company could understand and act on to achieve its business goals. The students researched federal, state and common law trademark protection and learned the business considerations that inform a start-up’s approach to protecting its brand. The hands-on learning was an unparalleled experience.

“The confidence that comes from actually stepping into the role of counselor and advising your client is invaluable. Ultimately, my experience in the Clinic for Law and Entrepreneurship elevated me from a strong student to a confident and capable attorney,” said Busteed.

Busteed and Garger recommended the company file for federal trademark protection and developed tailored materials and advice to guide the client through details of the federal registration process for its marks.

“I learned about business corporations and patents in the classroom,” said Garger. “But being able to apply that learning to help an actual client with my hard work and expertise gave me the tools that I need to embark on the next step of my legal career.”

In concert with The John F. Scarpa Center for Law and Entrepreneurship, the Clinic advances Villanova Law’s commitment to educate lawyers who understand both the business of law and the needs of company clients. With support, supervision and individualized mentoring from faculty, participating students advise both for-profit and nonprofit enterprises.

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