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The 2015 Villanova Law Review Norman J. Shachoy Symposium Celebrates the Journal’s 60th Anniversary

The 2015 Villanova Law Review Norman J. Shachoy Symposium celebrates the Villanova Law Review’s 60th anniversary and honors the scholarship published throughout the journal’s history. Since its founding in 1956, the journal has published articles and essays by leading legal scholars, regarding issues at the foundation of law and justice, and at the cutting edge of current legal problems.

For this symposium, members of the Villanova Law faculty present essays reflecting on the importance of one or more articles published in the Villanova Law Review. These 11 essays—along with three additional works by John Y. Gotanda, The Arthur J. Kania Dean and Professor of Law; Patrick McKinley Brennan, John F. Scarpa Chair in Catholic Legal Studies and professor of law; and Michael P. Moreland, professor of law—will be published in the Villanova Law Review’s Sexagennial Volume in 2016.

The symposium takes place on Friday, Sept. 18, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Laurence E. Hirsch ’71 Classroom (Room 101) of Villanova University School of Law (299 North Spring Mill Road, Villanova). This program is approved by the Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board for 4 substantive CLE credits.

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Panelists and speakers

1-1:45pm: Panel One

  • Doris DelTosto Brogan '81, professor of law, “Privacy's Place at the Table” (commenting on Richard C. Turkington’s “Confidentiality Policy for HIV Related Information: An Analytical Framework for Sorting out Hard and Easy Cases,” 34 Villanova Law Review 871 (1989))
  • David Caudill, Arthur M. Goldberg family chair and professor of law, “Remembering Pether on Precedent: Crossing (National and Disciplinary) Borders” (commenting on Penelope Pether’s "Strange Fruit: What Happened to the U.S. Doctrine of Precedent?" (forthcoming))

1:45-2:30 p.m.: Panel Two

  • Todd Aagaard, vice dean and professor of law, “Environmental Regulation and Environmental Rights” (commenting on Ferdinand F. Fernandez's “Due Process and Pollution: The Right to a Remedy,” 16 Villanova Law Review 789 (1971))
  • Richard Booth, Martin G. McGuinn chair in business law and professor of law, “Veil Piercing and the Liability of Corporate Directors and Officers Under Federal Law” (commenting on Richard G. Dennis' "Liability of Officers, Directors and Stockholders under CERCLA: The Case for Adopting State Law," 36 Villanova Law Review 1367 (1991))

2:30-3:15 p.m.: Panel Three

  • Joseph Dellapenna, professor of law, “Constitutional Citizenship under Attack” (commenting on his article, “The Citizenship of Draft Evaders after the Pardon," 22 Villanova Law Review. 531-53 (1977))
  • Tuan Samahon, professor of law, “No Praise for Process Federalism: the Political Safeguards Mirage and the Necessity of Substantive Judicial Review” (commenting on Ernest Young's "Two Cheers for Process Federalism," 46 Villanova Law Review 1349 (2001))

3:15-4 p.m.: Panel Four

  • Vicenç Feliú, associate dean of library services and professor of law, “Normalizing Copyright Law in the Digital Environment” (commenting on Ann Bartow's "Electrifying Copyright Norms and Making Cyberspace More Like a Book," 48 Villanova Law Review 13 (2003))
  • Michael Risch, professor of law, “Network Neutrality” (commenting on David R. Johnson's & Kevin A. Marks' “Mapping Electronic Data Communications onto Existing Legal Metaphors: Should We Let Our Conscience (and Our Contracts) Be Our Guide Symposium - The Congress the Courts and Computer Based Communications,” 38 Villanova Law Review 487–516 (1993))

4-5 p.m.: Panel Five

  • Ruth Gordon, professor of law, "Reflections on the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture Series" 
  • Steven Chanenson, director of the David F. and Constance B. Girard-diCarlo Center for Ethics, Integrity and Compliance and professor of law, “Sentencing and Corrections: Our Options Are Still Limited” (commenting on Warren E. Burger's “Our Options Are Limited,” 18 Villanova Law Review 165 (1972))
  • Michelle Madden Dempsey, associate dean of faculty research and development and professor of law, “Smith & Hogan at Villanova: Reflections on Anglo-American Criminal Law Theory, the Mens Rea of Rape, and What America Still Needs to Learn from England” (commenting on T. Brian Hogan's “Crime, Punishment and Responsibility,” 24 Villanova Law Review 690 (1979), and J.C. Smith's “Subjective Or Objective? Ups And Downs of The Test Of Criminal Liability In England,” 27 Villanova Law Review 1179 (1981-1982))

The annual Villanova Law Review Symposium is named for Norman J. Shachoy ’58 COE, ’61 VLS who served as Editor-in-Chief, Volume Six of the Villanova Law Review. The naming was made possible through his generous support, along with that of his son N. James Shachoy ’86 VLS, of Villanova University School of Law.