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Take Startups from Passion to Profit

Clinic for Law and Entrepreneurship

In Villanova’s Clinic for Law and Entrepreneurship, students work side-by-side with startups in a win-win collaboration. They gain valuable real-world experience while bootstrapping entrepreneurs get the high-quality legal services they often cannot afford.

Working with full-time faculty, clinic students become a primary counselor to emerging for-profit and non-profit businesses—advising on a diverse array of challenges common to launching, operating and growing sustainable ventures. Their clinical work also serves as a vital community resource. While contributing to the Greater Philadelphia entrepreneurial ecosystem, students are empowering local innovators to turn their dreams into realities.

The clinic is part of The John F. Scarpa Center for Law and Entrepreneurship, which serves as a vital resource for all Villanova Law students to gain wide-ranging academic and practical experience at the intersection of law and business—further aligning the educational experience with the demands of 21st-century practice.

“Villanova Law’s curriculum prepares students with a meaningful foundation in the laws and business concepts they will need to master to effectively counsel their clients. And the region’s thriving entrepreneurial culture supplies no shortage of innovative projects for students to lend their talents to,” said Melanie McMenamin, the clinic’s director.

McMenamin continued, “I like to think of the Clinic for Law and Entrepreneurship as the place where all of this preparation and opportunity collide. By engaging students in the direct representation of entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes, my goal is to help them use their legal education to play a role in creating and shaping the institutions that form the fabric of our society.”

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