Lawyers as Entrepreneurs

Lawyers as Entrepreneurs

21st century legal practice isn’t business as usual. The legal profession is evolving and Villanova Law’s Rufus King is at the forefront of this evolution.

At Villanova, King brings over 25 years of legal experience in high-tech and start-up firms to his role as Director of the Center for Law, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. And in practice, he’s a respected expert and thought leader —inspiring lawyers to become more entreprenerial and to embrace new ideas.

In his recent article for U.S. News & World Report’s 2015 Legal Issue—“Lawyers as Entrepreneurs”—King talks about how the current legal market has created enormous opportunity for lawyers who are willing to work smarter and find new ways to use their legal skills. He goes on to describe ways in which legal professionals can "innovate out of" the industry’s current recession.  

Villanova Law students learn these strategies first-hand in the Center for Law, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The Center pushes the boundaries of traditional legal instruction by infusing vital business concepts and practical experience into every student’s education. Whether you pursue corporate, criminal or public interest practice, Villanova will prepare you to become the kind of lawyer the market demands.

“Villanova Law is laser-focused on developing business skills that law students need, not only to help them get their first jobs, but also to ensure that they will continue to excel in today’s rapidly changing legal environment,” remarked King. “The Center for Law, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Villanova places students at the crucial intersection of law and emerging businesses, where most of the new jobs and wealth are being created.”

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