Practice the Law in Our Seven In-House Firms


Why wait until graduation to gain practical experience? Villanova Law Clinic students earn credit while representing real clients with critical legal issues under the direct supervision of a full-time faculty member. As the primary advocates for their clients, students interview and counsel, negotiate agreements, structure deals, draft legal documents and argue in court. As a Clinic student, you will develop the skills to become an effective lawyer while serving the community and changing lives.

“Participating in the Farmworker Legal Aid Clinic was a career-affirming experience,” said Alanna Kearney ’15.  “Hands-on experience taught me more about being a lawyer than any textbook or lecture.”

Represent clients in one of our seven in-house firms:

  • Clinic for Law and Entrepreneurship: Assist startups and entrepreneurs with business-related, transactional legal matters.
  • Federal Tax Clinic: Advocate for low-income taxpayers in their disputes before the IRS and in Federal Courts.
  • Clinic for Asylum, Refugee and Emigrant Services (CARES): Represent refugees who have fled human rights abuses in their home countries to seek religious or political asylum in the USA.
  • Farmworker Legal Aid Clinic: Provide legal representation to agricultural families in employment, immigration and child protection. The only program of its kind in the country.
  • Interdisciplinary Mental and Physical Health Law Clinic: Assert low-income clients’ rights within the legal and health care systems, working in collaboration with Villanova’s graduate nursing students.
  • Civil Justice Clinic: Litigate in courts and administrative agencies in multiple areas of law, including family, housing, consumer, employment and disability, on behalf of low-income clients.
  • Advanced Advocacy Clinic: After completing a semester in a clinic, students may expand their practice experience by working on complex matters with any of the clinic faculty.

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