Law. Entrepreneurship. Innovation. Be at the Center of It All.

Center for Law, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Today’s lawyers often practice more than just law. They are business consultants. Problem solvers.  Financial strategists. That’s why Villanova University School of Law’s new Center for Law, Entrepreneurship and Innovation pushes the boundaries of traditional legal instruction by infusing vital business coursework into every student’s education. Whether you’re pursuing corporate, criminal or public interest practice, Villanova will prepare you to become the kind of lawyer the market demands.

The Center is a hub for cross-disciplinary programming and real-world learning opportunities.  It’s an incubator for creativity and collaboration. This is where entrepreneurs come to launch new business. This is where you will engage with experts on front-page issues. This is where faculty scholars will train you to be practice ready in today’s fast-paced, interconnected world.

This is where law meets business.

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