Villanova Federal Tax Clinic Again Receives Highest Grant Awarded by the IRS

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently announced that Villanova University School of Law was awarded a $98,000 grant by their Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic program (LITC). The IRS awarded nearly $10 million to fund 133 organizations in 2014. This marks the sixth consecutive year that the Villanova Federal Tax Clinic received the highest grant awarded by the IRS.

Students in the Villanova Federal Tax Clinic represent clients in disputes with the IRS, both before United States Tax Court and Federal District Courts. Each semester, 10 to 14 students represent approximately 100 taxpayers. Cases typically last six to eight months and involve people without significant assets who have either a tax dispute about how much they owe or cannot afford the amount they owe.

The work of students in the Federal Tax Clinic has often been the key difference for taxpayers attempting to prove a federal tax liability or eligibility for refundable credits that can have a significant impact on a taxpayer’s financial condition. T. Keith Fogg, Professor of Law and Director of the Federal Tax Clinic, said the clinic creates lawyers who are more likely to perform pro bono work. “They get a taste of helping someone settle a crushing tax problem. Not all lawyers get to feel that satisfaction.”

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