Professor Michael Risch Quoted in Bloomberg News Article

Michael Risch

Villanova University School of Law Professor Michael Risch was quoted in a Bloomberg News article about the most recent patent infringement lawsuit between smartphone rivals, Apple and Samsung. A noted intellectual property expert, Risch has written extensively on the topics of patents, trade secrets and information access.

On March 31, Apple and Samsung returned to court for their second patent showdown. In 2012, a jury found that Samsung infringed Apple’s patents and awarded $1.05 billion in damages. In the current lawsuit, Apple accuses Samsung of copying five of its key design concepts for a newer generation of Samsung phones and is seeking $2 billion in damages. Samsung, meanwhile, argues that Apple is guilty of infringing two of its patents.

In the March 30 article, “Apple’s Second Quest for Samsung Ban Seen as Stretch,” Risch told Bloomberg News that an Apple windfall is less likely this time around because the patents in question involve the Google Android operating system used by Samsung devices, and not the appearance of the smartphone itself.  “This is not about Samsung knocking off the look of Apple—this is duking it out over software functions,” Risch said.

He continued on to say that because Samsung phones look noticeably different from iPhones, jurors may be less inclined to agree that Samsung copied Apples ideas. “Samsung is doing something different now. The ‘Samsung knocked us off’ theme will not play nearly as well here.”

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