Carol Campbell, Director of the IRS Office of Return Preparation, to Present on March 17


On March 17, Carol Campbell, Director of the IRS Office of Return Preparation, will present on the IRS efforts to regulate return preparers in Room 302 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

This has been a front and center issue for the IRS since former IRS Commissioner Schulman announced in 2011 that the IRS would take on the task of regulating preparers after declining to do so for over a century. Last month, the IRS lost United States v. Loving in the D.C. Circuit when that court ruled that the IRS did not have authority to regulate return preparers - at least in the manner proposed by the regulations it had adopted. The IRS is currently deciding whether to appeal this decision to the United States Supreme Court or to seek specific legislative authorization for preparer regulation. The issue of return preparer regulation is one of the most important issues facing the IRS today. Ms. Campbell is uniquely situated to discuss the need for preparer regulation and the IRS goals in regulating them.

After attending University of Virginia for her undergraduate degree and William and Mary Law School, Ms. Campbell joined the Department of Labor as an attorney. In 1990, she moved over to the IRS Office of Chief Counsel where she worked for over a decade in the division handling collection issues.  She oversaw the IRS implementation of the offer in compromise program after decades of letting that remedy lie dormant.  In 2002 she became counsel to the National Taxpayer Advocate which she followed by serving as counsel to the Division Director of the Wage and Income Division.  Immediately before assuming her current position she was a special advisor to the Commissioner of the IRS.

Immediately following Ms. Campbell’s presentation, there will be a reception in the student lounge where students can meet Ms. Campbell as well as celebrate the birthday of the IRS.