Mastering Dual Disciplines

Brian Boyle, VLS '13 and Matthew Girandola, VLS '14

Brian Boyle, VLS '13 and Matthew Girandola, VLS '14

In today’s interconnected and interdependent world, legal professionals don’t work in silos. An increasingly complex global economy has generated a demand for individuals who possess a breadth and depth of skills. Lawyers find themselves working not as independent specialists, but as members of multidisciplinary business teams. Since 1989, Villanova University School of Law has recognized this trend and offered a dual degree program in collaboration with the nationally recognized Villanova School of Business.

The Villanova JD/MBA program equips students for success by preparing them to consider the legal intricacies of business and the business aspects of the law. In three years, JD/MBA students graduate with a broad knowledge base that uniquely positions them to capitalize on expanding career opportunities in and beyond the law.

“Prior to law school, I worked as an analyst at a global asset management firm,” says Brian Boyle, JD/MBA Candidate ’13. “ I decided to pursue a JD/MBA so that I could continue to develop my business and finance skills, while also pursuing my passion for the law. I knew that the dual degree from Villanova would give me the competitive edge that I was looking for.”

Matthew Girandola, JD/MBA Candidate ’14, agrees. “My decision to pursue a JD/MBA was motivated by a desire to cultivate a comprehensive skill set that would provide both flexibility and marketability upon entering the job market. That decision was also influenced to a great degree by Villanova’s strong reputation in both legal and business fields.”

Boyle adds, “If you are committed to a career at the intersection of law and business, and you are willing to put in the work necessary to excel, this program will reward you handsomely. You will graduate with a combination of degrees that few people can match and with the benefit of the Villanova network.”

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