2014 Villanova Environmental Law Journal Annual Blank Rome LLP Symposium


Green Tweets: The Promise and Peril of Advancing Corporate Social Responsibility through Social Media

April 4, 2014

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The 2014 Villanova Environmental Law Journal Blank Rome LLP Symposium explored the business and legal implications of advancing corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns through social media under the sometimes skeptical eye of the public and green advertising regulation.

In recent years, consumers have begun to demand more environmental accountability from businesses. In response, a growing number of businesses, both large and small, have committed to green CSR programs.  Simultaneously, online social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have revolutionized the way consumers access information and communicate with each other.  Notably, “sustainability” and “green CSR” are among some of the most highly trafficked social media topics.

When developing green CSR programs, however, companies often do not utilize social media platforms to maximize consumer awareness of their green CSR initiatives. CSR conveyed through social media can foster a more efficient, transparent, and interactive relationship between business and consumer; however, there are risks involved. Social media exposure of green CSR campaigns can increase public skepticism and lead to unfavorable financial and legal consequences for businesses ranging from adverse media coverage to potential regulatory action.

The Symposium was held on Friday, April 4, 2014. This program was approved by the Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board for 5 substantive CLE credits.

Panels and Speakers


Panel 1: The Rise of Social Media as a Forum for Social Change and the Challenges and Opportunities of Green Business and Social Media

Moderator: Professor Jonathan Doh, Villanova School of Business

  • Matthew Ray, Chatterblast
  • David Stangis, Campbell Soup Company 
  • Jaycee Pribulsky, Context America

Panel 2: Legal and Ethical Issues in Green Social Media

Moderator:  Professor Todd Aagaard, Villanova University School of Law

  • Professor Thomas Lyon, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
  • Kathryn Legge, Esq., Griesing Law LLC
  • James Kohm, Esq., Federal Trade Commission
  • Rebecca Griffith, Esq., Council of Better Business-Bureaus, Inc., National Advertising Division

Concluding Remarks

  • Nancy Cleveland, Esq., Resonate LLC

The Villanova Environmental Law Journal’s annual symposium is named for Blank Rome LLP in recognition of its generous support of Villanova University School of Law.